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Power List - Wolverine - Furious Assault

Furious AssaultSignature, Melee
Repeatedly slash your claws through an enemy, goring them with each cleaving swipe. Then leap into the air using all your strength, knocking up and skewering your foe on your adamantium claws.
Physical Damage:
2,903-4,355 per hit (3 hits)
Your next Impale, Run Through, or Tornado Claw deals 35% more damage and gains a 35% Critical Hit chance (stacks up to 3 times)
At 3 stacks, your next Impale, Run Through, or Tornado Claw will Brutally Strike
Max Charges:
Power Synergy:
+1% damage/point in The Best There Is

Level Required: 30Item ID: 741Last update: 29-01-2017
Furious Assault
Power Tree: