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Items - Uniques - Fred Dawson's Hot Dog Cart

slot 3
Fred Dawson's Hot Dog CartUnique — Any Hero
+6.0% Damage Reduction
+582 Damage Rating
+120 Spirit
+187 Tenacity
+13 more credits per drop
+20.9% Special Item Find
+20.9% Rare Item Find
+75 XP per enemy defeat
Gain 27.7 Spirit when you pick up any orb

Chicago Style, Hot Links, New York Style or even Bratwurst - it's all good.
Level Required: 60Item Grade: 63Not tradeableItem ID: 776Last update: 04-02-2017
Challenge Bonus:
Builds Tags:
Bound to:
Loot info:

All Levels, All Difficulties of Midtown Manhattan Patrol and Industry City Patrol