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Items - Artifacts - Danger's A.I. Chip (physical)

Danger's A.I. Chip (physical)Artifact
+1 Fighting
+400 Physical Damage Rating
When you take physical damage, gain 1,000 Physical Defense Rating for 5s
When you take area damage, gain 2% area damage reduction for 5s
+60 Physical Damage Rating for 5s when you hit (stacks up to 5 times)
When your Health drops below 30%, gain 75 Health Regeneration per second for 5s

After all the years of training my students, the Danger Room itself has learned to adapt to any situation...
-Professor Charles Xavier

Level Required: 42Item Grade: 45Item ID: 752Last update: 29-01-2017
Danger's A.I. Chip (physical)
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