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Items - Artifacts - Danger's A.I. Chip (energy)

Danger's A.I. Chip (energy)Artifact
+1 Fighting
+400 Energy Damage Rating
When you take area damage, gain 2% area damage reduction for 5s
When you take Energy Damage, gain 1,000 Energy Defense Rating for 5s
When you deal damage, gain 60 Energy Damage rating for 5s (stacks up to 5 times)
When your Health drops below 30%, gain 75 Health Regeneration per second for 5s

After all the years of training my students, the Danger Room itself has learned to adapt to any situation...
-Professor Charles Xavier

Level Required: 42Item Grade: 45Item ID: 750Last update: 22-01-2017
Danger's A.I. Chip (energy)
Loot info: