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Items - Artifacts - The Big One

The Big OneArtifact
When your health drops below 40%, let the insanity take over, increasing your Damage Rating to Area Powers by an additional 700 for 10s. (20s Cooldown)
+400 Brutal Strike Rating
+107 Health Regeneration per second
+500 Damage Rating to Movement Powers
+700 Damage Rating to Area Powers
+2 Strength

Osborn's mind? You really have dialed the wrong number. I'm glad it's a mistake though. And not a rescue attempt. I mean, I'd hate to have to be indebted — to those I'm about to kill!
—Green Goblin

Level Required: 60Item Grade: 63Item ID: 2624Last update: 03-07-2017
The Big One
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Terminal (Daily Bugle)

Green Goblin