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Items - Team-Ups - Drax GotG Vol. 2 Team-Up

Drax GotG Vol. 2 Team-UpTeam-Up Token
Using this item unlocks the Drax GotG Vol. 2 Team-Up.
Level Required: 1Not tradeableItem ID: 2575Last update: 05-05-2017
Known as "The Destroyer", Drax was once a human named Arthur Douglas before he and his family were killed by Thanos. Unbeknownst to Thanos, both Drax and his daughter were taken by Thanos' father Mentor. Mentor turned Drax into the ultimate killing machine with only one purpose - defeat Thanos. After years of failure, it was not until joining with the Guardians of the Galaxy that Drax was finally able to defeat Thanos (though he would later return).
Drax would continue to travel the galaxy with the Guardians, using his trademark knives to dispatch foes ranging from Badoons to the Phalanx.
Any Hero
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