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Items - Artifacts - Superior Spider-Mask

Superior Spider-MaskArtifact
+1,000 Health
+333 Dodge Rating
When you dodge an attack gain 4 Fighting for 10s (10s Cooldown)
+500 Physical Damage Rating

I'll be a BETTER Spider—Man than you EVER were.
—Superior Spider-Man

Level Required: 60Item Grade: 63Item ID: 2500Last update: 02-02-2017
Superior Spider-Mask
Builds Tags:
Loot info:
Story (Kingpin's Collection)
Story (AIM Weapon Facility)
Midtown Patrol (Sinister Six)
Holo-Sim (Survive the Sinister Six)
Terminal (M.O.D.O.K. terminal)
Terminal (Daily Bugle)
Terminal (Doctor Octopus terminal)
X-Defence (Sinister Recruitment)
X-Defence (Attack on the Mansion)
X-Defence (AIM Assault)
Industry City Patrol (Sinister Diversions)
Danger Room (Military Compound)

Doctor Octopus