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Items - Medallions - War Skrull Medallion

War Skrull MedallionMedallion of Victory
If both the Energy and Physical effects are active, gain the will of the War Skrulls, gaining +2 Fighting for 10s
+20% Power Duration
When you hit with a Physical Power, gain 545 Energy Damage Rating for 10s. (15 second cooldown)
When you hit with an Energy Power, gain 545 Physical Damage Rating for 10s. (15 second cooldown)
+1,905 Health
+1 Fighting

When you use your Med Kit, there is a 10% chance for critical success, resulting in 50% more effective healing
You think the Nova Corps will just let your planetary invasion slide because your world was eaten?
-Nova (Richard Rider)

Level Required: 60Item Grade: 63Not tradeableItem ID: 2204Last update: 08-03-2016
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Loot info:
Hightown Patrol (Declaration of War)

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