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Items - Legendaries - Godkiller

Rank 1: +20% XP
Rank 2: Regenerate 500 Health and 25 Spirit on enemy defeat
Rank 3: +1,500 Health
Rank 4: +500 Damage Rating
Rank 5: 10% chance when attacked to harness the power of the Godkiller, dealing 50,000 physical damage to surrounding enemies and turning those not vanquished into stone, causing them to take +10% additional damage for 5s. (5 second cooldown)

Maximum rank achieved
It is older than memory and has seen war on five continents. It has killed kings, emperors and once, a man, with this sword, met a god in combat and made that god bleed. What do you think of that? - Kraken

Level Required: 1Item Grade: 70Not tradeableItem ID: 2201Last update: 14-08-2016
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Hightown Patrol