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Items - Medallions - Skrull Medallion Of Bravery

Skrull Medallion Of BraveryMedallion of Victory
+319 Brutal Strike Rating
When you use your Med Kit, gain Skrull Bravery, granting +1 to Attributes and +423 Damage Rating for 10s.
Regenerate 100 Health when you hit
Recover 3.3 Spirit when you hit
5% chance when you are hit to become invisible for 3s
+1,070 Brutal Damage Rating
+1,466 Health

Your Critical Hit Rating and Critical Damage Rating increase by 100 for 5s each time you defeat an enemy (Stacks up to 5 times)
Never in our history has there been so noble a deed!
Take this highest award for your bravery!
-Skrull Leader

Level Required: 60Item Grade: 63Not tradeableItem ID: 2200Last update: 04-07-2017
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Hightown Patrol