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Items - Legendaries - Savage Axe of Ares

Savage Axe of AresLegendary
Rank 1: +1,400 Physical Damage Rating
Rank 2: +700 Critical Hit Rating
Rank 3: +1,400 Brutal Damage Rating
Rank 4: +700 Brutal Strike Rating
Rank 5: 8% chance when you hit to leave the enemy mortally wounded, dealing an 40,000 physical damage bleed twice per second for 5s (8 second cooldown)

Maximum rank achieved
Look around at the terror in their eyes. You taught these cursed mortals to dread the strife in which they revel. Now. 'Til I call on you again...go in peace...my champion
-Ares (God of War)

Level Required: 60Item Grade: 80Not tradeableItem ID: 1796Last update: 02-05-2015
Savage Axe of Ares
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Vendor rank: Trusted