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Items - Legendaries - Golden Bow of Apollo

Golden Bow of ApolloLegendary
Rank 1: +1,200 Damage Rating to Ranged Powers
Rank 2: +10% Attack Speed
Rank 3: 10% chance on hit to create an explosion of magma at your target for 60,000 energy damage
Rank 4: +1,200 Critical Hit Rating to Ranged Attacks
Rank 5: 10% chance when you hit to set the ground ablaze for 5s dealing 100,000 energy damage twice per second for 5s (20 second cooldown)

Maximum rank achieved
Apollo has been recognized as a god of light and the sun. His bow can tear life away like the harsh rays of the sun.

Level Required: 60Item Grade: 80Not tradeableItem ID: 1795Last update: 02-05-2015
Golden Bow of Apollo
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Vendor rank: Trusted