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Items - Legendaries - M'Kraan Crystal

M'Kraan CrystalLegendary
Rank 1: +300 Spirit
Rank 2: +1,500 Health
Rank 3: +1,000 Damage Rating
Rank 4: +1,000 Critical Hit Rating
Rank 5: 5% chance on hit to restore 100 Spirit and deal 400,000 energy damage to any enemies struck with the fiery wrath (20 second cooldown)

Maximum rank achieved
Shi'Ar legends said that the homeworld of the M'Kraan Crystal was the first planet to form and was as old as time. Whatever race lived there was long gone and the only structure that withstood the ravages of time was the M'Kraan Crystal.

Level Required: 60Item Grade: 80Not tradeableItem ID: 1791Last update: 02-05-2015
M'Kraan Crystal
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Vendor rank: Trusted