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Items - Uniques - Midtown Patrol Vest

slot 2
Midtown Patrol VestUnique — Any Hero
+9.0% Damage Reduction
+1,987 Health
+4% Move Speed
+4% XP
+4% Special Item Find
+4% Rare Item Find
-4% Spirit Cost
Gain +490 Critical Damage Rating for 3s when you pickup an orb
+15% Base Damage vs. enemies with Patrol Boss status
6% chance when you hit a Midtown Boss to gain 1,029 Brutal Strike Rating for 5s
+4 Durability

Fully equipped to support and defend the citizens of Midtown from the most dangerous threats, both foreign and domestic.
Level Required: 60Item Grade: 63Not tradeableItem ID: 1251Last update: 29-01-2017
Challenge Bonus:
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Midtown Madness Fortune Card