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Builds - Deadpool - Bings 'Power Ups' Deadpool Guide (Ranged. Updated 01/04/17)

Durability5 Strength3 Fighting6 Speed3 Energy1 Intelligence2 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Bings 'Power Ups' Deadpool Guide (Ranged. Updated 01/04/17) by TonyBing Last updated 2017-04-01 23:21:36
Types: PVE, EndGame, MM, Raid, Terminals, Cosmic, DPS, Ranged, Physical, Video
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Ranged shooty build. 57% Crit Rating, 51% Brut Rating, 39k Health and includes Vunerability and Weaken.


Overview & Cosmic Gameplay Videos:









 is our main spender.  used as and when required to taunts enemies. Main rotation would start with  followed by  and then  firing off another  whilst the latter two skills are recharging and main rotation starts once more. When using  ensure that you do this at the start of your rotation and have all your cooldowns available to be able to spam them twice within 10s.




Infinity points are based on assumption that you have 1100 points which means you've gained 100 since the BUE.




Jessica Jones Team-Up is used to provide us with Weaken for the damage bonus on Magic Satchel of Unlimited WeaponryRescue Team-Up and Arachne Team-Up  are two other great options for providing weaken as well.

- When running any patrol mode change Talent line 1 from Like a Boss to Smells like Victory.

- If you're boss farming in Terminals you can change Talent line 2 from Hulk Smash to It's Explodey Me! This will provide 3 Lil Deadpools to spam on boss that can Brut for over 600k each.

- We use Power Ups for Talent line 3 as this works extremely well with the 1k damage bonus on sig from our Catalyst as well as the +5 to all stats from Cosmic Insignia.

- In regards to Legendary both Savage Axe of Ares and M'Kraan Crystal are very good for him. The difference between them is 4k more health and 1.5% CR (as well as small Bang Bang buff) for M'Kraan and 4% BR and around 300ish more damage on Axe. I personally choose Axe as we can do with the extra BR and there is no lack of health through the Infinity System.

- Catalyst selected is a combination of the perfect stats you want to look for.


Change Log:


- 01/04/17 - New Infinity setup added.