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Builds - Black Cat - ░▒▓▒░ Everybody Wants to be a Cat ░▒▓▒░ Newest: Infinity Update! (Patch 2.07)

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░▒▓▒░ Everybody Wants to be a Cat ░▒▓▒░ Newest: Infinity Update! (Patch 2.07) by 4thBro Last updated 2017-04-04 17:06:46
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Welcome to my guide! Any questions, or urges to simply converse with me, feel free to contact me here or in-game! (Contact on bottom.)


What's New:

  • Updated Infinity System YET AGAIN, this time to match the Infinity update.


Currently Testing/Working On:

  • Trying to acquire Cosmic Slot 2 & Cosmic Ring. Honestly no ETA, it's not easy.
  • Leveling Sam Wilson.


Previously Tested:

  The math puts this behind Grappling Whip and Whip Crack. In practice, it's barely noticeable. However, I don't really like how short its range is, or its sporadic audio cues. I will most likely be benching Deep Cuts indefinitely, but if you enjoy it, it's by no means lagging behind.

Currently Testing:

  Ring: 1000 CDR core affix, +3 Fighting, and either +3 Speed or +900 CDR

 Slot 2: +4 Fighting (or Speed), +1200 CDR, dunno what 3rd affix, and then the Cosmic affix for 800 Damage Rating and 8% Attack Speed

 Teamup: Leveling Sam Wilson in order to test the viability of his vulnerability debuff. May also try Arachne.




Table of Contents

Replacement Items



TTK Videos

Cosmic Danger Room


Extra Notes



Let's break down the BUE changes. Newcomers to Marvel Heroes, bare with me here as I talk to players who have become used to how Black Cat used to be before the recent Biggest Update Ever.


The Biggest Things We Lost:

  • Invulnerability on Medkit use
  • Enemy Vulnerability debuff on one of our DoTs
  • Spirit management from the old "Cat Suit" passive skill


What This Means:

  • Black Cat was THE character you could play all content with while building 100% pure glass cannon. You stacked all the damage you possibly could, and relied on personal performance and skill to ensure you could utilize it. Black Cat's inherent kit would take care of the rough edges for you, while almost every other character had to consider things like TTL mixed in with their TTK. While Cat certainly handled most of it on her own, we easily forget just how much the Invulnerability core affix was doing for us as well. While we had buffer times with Master Thief and remnants of Quick Getaway, we often used our Invuln core to cover the spots in-between. But no longer! We must now join everyone else in the consideration of TTL - at least, a little bit. We still don't have to go too crazy ;)


  • 10% Vulnerability debuffs on enemies is a... necessary luxury. If you don't have a 10% vuln debuff on your build, you're just being silly; every build that does not have it would be improved by forcing it in somewhere. Unfortunately, that's just the thing. We used to have it on one of our DoTs which we were applying anyway. But now, our only option is to use the Sticky Trap. And while it's surely not too bad, as it comes out very quick and can even open up some minor hybrid options (such as Hulkbuster Physics), it's ultimately... not really what we want to be using. Even if you don't follow my build 100%, I'm sure you at least want something like Cat Nap in its place!


  • Even though it could get a little tight at times, we previously never had to consider our Spirit management in our build. All we'd do is use the Medkit for a quick booster every now and then, and we'd be able to keep running. However, we must now address it. Black Cat will run through her Spirit in no time at all, if you plan on using something besides a weak Basic Power - and you should be!


The Key Items:

  •  Together, the invisibility as well as the 50% HP shield on Medkit use brings back a lot of the survivability we lost from losing the invulnerability affix. It will not protect you from certain one-shot mechanics, however, like Juggernaut charges, Surtur slams, or Onslaught bombs. However, the bright side is that this is where our 9 Lives really shine! We needn't worry about such mechanics in the first place :D So in the end, these two Catalyst affixes will put us just about right where we left off in terms of protecting our other 9 Lives when we start taking heavy pressure (such as large amounts of incoming damage in Cosmic Midtown Patrol).


  •  A lot of people are using Cobra's Hood. And it does look like an appealing item. However, it does not have the DPS stats that our Mask of the Noir Cat can achieve. I only happened across my alternate answer while chilling in Midtown one day. And this beautiful Artifact dropped. Previously in its slot was an Edge of Infinity, our close runner-up BiS Artifact. The difference in damage between the two is SEVERELY lower than the difference between a Cobra and a Noir. This secret tech for a Vulnerability source feels like the right decision in every possible way. Additionally, the Vulnerability is maintainable for us, as it seems to be affected by Power Duration.


  •  This one's simple. We throw the Jacket back on, which was already part of our alternate gear swap from before, and we're back in business. Combine this with either of the Catalyst's Spirit affixes (On Hit or Medkit), and you will have no issues maintaining full Spirit during an infinite fight.


  •  Previously considered by me to be a mere option as an alternative, we are promoting this to a key item in our build. There is an added emphasis on Power Duration for us, but at the same time, we are giving a lot of our previous Power Duration Uniques the boot. This gives us a large chunk of our Power Duration back.


  •  I'm pretty much done using Wasp Team-Up. She will enable the highest theoretical damage output, but the problem is that when we're invisible and there's nobody else to focus on, enemies will often run away from us. And that's a problem because that will very often make our animations miss, especially Put 'Em Down, and that will usually mean that either a good DoT snapshot falls off, or we miss its application in the first place. So ANY Deadpool Team-up will drastically improve the quality of our lives (all 9 of them). Additionally, his Server Lag is a GREAT addition to our layer of safety nets that we utilize as Black Cat.


These are the items you should focus on first. Everything in the build is important for min-maxing your output, but these key items are the ones that allow all of your mechanics to function at their smoothest performance.



[To ToC]


 Still very solid options. They seem to be RIGHT behind my current setup, though still technically behind. While these two have a LOT more Brutal stats on them, the fact is that the majority of our attacks (even after the Strike rating from these items) are not Brutals, nor is Cat played as a "big hitter" where Brutals become direly important.


 Going straight Black Cat Uniques isn't bad. Gazillion did a good job making most, if not all, heroes' baseline Uniques pretty solid starting points. Just run some Midtown or Hightown Challenge Terminals, and you'll get a full set of these fast.



 Very close runner-up. Very comparable to GoK, with the downside of being incapable of coming in Cosmic.


 Defensive option. Also very strong offensively.


 Hard to acquire as a Cosmic, but the capability puts it high up as an alternative Artifact.


 Pretty solid item, and pretty easy to obtain during its event.



There's not really any decent alternative.



You can use any of these affixes, really:

  • +3 Fighting
  • +3 Speed
  • Health
  • 5 Spirit Gain on Hit
  • 25% Health/100 Spirit on Medkit
  • 418 Life Gain on Hit

But remember! You will definitely want to include Invisibility on Medkit!



Not entirely sure on the best alternatives. I, myself, am currently using a Taskmaster Insignia. A good Quake will be impossible to trade for, and bless you if you happen to find one. There are other good enough options, though. Just use the best-rolled, applicable Insignia you can get.



[To ToC]

This is the order in which we want to spend our Infinity points:

 Time - Temporal Loophole 38/50  


 Mind - Mental Focus 150/150


 Power - Strike Through 75/75


 Soul - Fighting 6


 Reality - Potency 150/200


 Soul - Fighting ++

Dump all of our remaining multiples of 25 in here.


 Power - Show of Force ++

Dump our remaining multiples of 3 in here. Or don't. It's pretty minor, I wouldn't fault you if you decided you're too lazy.


 Space - Gravity Well 75/250

This one is a special case. Only take it if you are having trouble surviving. Just 75 (which is 150 spent for the Mastery) should do the trick.


There it is! Pretty simple.



[To ToC]

Ok, so... This is how I do my boss rotation. (Good intro, right?)


Phase Zero: Initiation


This Phase is only used when you are first joining combat with a boss, OR if your DoT snapshots drop and you need to start them over (which often means waiting on your cooldowns, and super sucks to have to do (but your Power Duration helps prevent this)).


  1. 1)  Use this near your target, but do not hit them with it. This is only if you're using Midtown.
  2. 2) 
  3. 3)  As soon as you hear/see Cat's Meow end, throw these out in this preferred order. Time is of the essence!
  4. 4) 
  5. 5)  Place two of these on opposite ends of your target. Fast! This might be the trickiest part of the rotation, but I actually enjoy it.
  6. 6)  15 Whips MAXIMUM! This means you can do about 2-3 less for a safer rotation.


Once Step 6 is complete, you may move onto Phase One.


Phase One: Core Filler Rotation


  1. 1)  This order is the smoothest.
  2. 2)  x2
  3. 3)  If you did your previous phase's Whip count properly, this should be JUST coming off of cooldown.
  4. 4)  20 Whips MAXIMUM! 18 is a safer count that still aligns with C'Mere Kitty very nicely.


Repeat this Phase once more (2 total), then move onto Phase Two.


Phase Two: Cat's Meow


  1. 1) 
  2. 2)  x2
  3. 3) 
  4. 4)  then  x10 MAXIMUM!


  1. 4) Some assortment of  until  is off cooldown, use it, and then fill in the remainder of the 10 Whips.


Now begin Phase 3.


Phase Three: Master Thief


  1. 1) 
  2. 2)  x2
  3. 3) 
  4. 4) x20 MAXIMUM!


Now go back to Phase One.


So in other words, the whole thing should look like this:

  • Initiate with Phase Zero
  • Phase One
  • Phase One
  • Phase Two
  • Phase Three
  • Phase One
  • Phase One
  • Phase Two
  • Phase Three......

And you keep doing 1 1 2 3 indefinitely, until either the boss dies, you die, or you accidentally drop your DoTs. In which case, you will begin with Phase Zero again.


And that's it! Master this, and you'll be able to call yourself a master Black Cat player!

The hardest part is performing everything under enemy pressure. You might take some big damage during an important step in your combo, or you might get stunned/dodged during a DoT refresh that causes them to drop. Try your best to master the art of preventing combo breaks, but if/when they DO happen... remain calm! Just relax, do some Whips while you wait for your cooldowns, and take solace in the knowledge that once you're back on your feet, you'll be back to dishing out the most damage in the group because you're a pro ;)



[To ToC]


This TTK video was made with an extra touch that I have never done before. Hopefully, it makes it easier to learn & grasp her DPS rotation. Let me know what you think!

Cosmic Dummy TTK, with guidance! (Time: 2:58)

This video was done with an outdated build, HOWEVER its core principles remain. Other build variations, whether ones that I end up using, or ones that you come up with, should still follow the basics covered in this video.



This video has my current fastest TTK. (Time: 2:20)

This is with the build I am currently running. Note: Cosmic Artifact affixes were bugged and not working at the time of making this video. You won't be quite so panicked on Spirit management normally, and I should have been up another +1 All Attributes :(



Now, I want to say... These TTK's aren't very good compared to what some other heroes are pulling. But we may be in a decent, above-average spot right now.


would like to note, however, that our DPS is a good bit higher outside the Training Room. The "Spliced Reality" node in the Reality Gem (which gives % base damage vs enemies not targeting you) is very effective for us, although it does not work against training dummies. So for this TTK, I was using "Magic Bullets" instead (which gives +30% to your crit damage, and does NOT affect your brut damage). Out in the real world, we have many ways to make sure we're gaining benefit from Spliced Reality, and it's safe to say we'd gain its benefit a large majority of the time. Also, it would snapshot onto our initial DoT application every time because we use Master Thief.





[To ToC]

Black Cat is a CDR monster. Cosmic Danger Rooms are among the game's most difficult content, and many heroes can struggle completing them. Luckily, this is not the case for our Felicia here!


This is a video of me clearing two back-to-back Cosmic chips. (Time: 14:43) Obligatory disclaimer, I play this pretty bad at the start. I actually forgot what my objective was and I wander around looking for minimap blips, lol. On that note, asset destruction is a miserable objective.




Duplicate Boss

Floor Spikes

Test of Simplicity: Resource Costs increased 100%, but Basic powers deal 200% additional damage.

Test of Endurance: Healing is prevented, but Heroes gain 75,000 Maximum Health and 10% Damage Reduction.

Challenge Rating: 73

Bonus Merits: 80


Duplicate Boss

Enemies are Teleporting

Test of Endurance: Healing is prevented, but Heroes gain 75,000 Maximum Health and 10% Damage Reduction.

Test of Tactics: Dash Powers have 100% longer cooldowns, but Movement and Attack speeds are increased 50%.

Challenge Rating: 80

Bonus Merits: 90



These DR chips were completed back-to-back, and without use of my Ultimate or relogging. They could have been completed faster, but that's on account of my own errors - which I feel actually empowers this video in showing that Felicia handles everything quite well, and without need of constant stealth (thus showing the viability of a build without Quick Getaway), or perfect playing.


I have used Felicia to clean out all of the Test of Survival CDR chips I've saved over time - clearing anything from Contagion, to Random + Duplicate Bosses, to everything in-between. She is among the greatest heroes in the game to farm Danger Room with!


How To Play:


Honestly, I'd say the key is to make sure we don't overthink it. Just keep moving, and follow only a few guidelines.


 These are the baseline abilities we'll be using to keep mobile, as well as putting out the damage. From there on, we will use additional abilities depending on our needs.


 These are stronger abilities. Any given pack of blues or yellows can be taken down by applying just one of the two. Since they both have cooldowns, we simply alternate which one we use on a pack.


 Just like PED and Taser, except we'll use these on alternating massive packs of enemies. Cat's Meow should generally automatically clear out everything it touches, often including mini bosses. When using Thief, just try to smack DoTs on everything we can within its time frame.


 Basically only used on mini bosses.


Grapple Swing Line (travel power) should be used to move about, safely getting you to the next objective point or large group of enemies. It also seems to have a Z axis to it, meaning you are indeed in the air, and will evade most enemy attacks!


For the actual boss, we obviously use our standard boss rotation.


And that's about it! It's very simple, and once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to do any chip you want.


~~ CDR Tournament 3 ~~



Currently awaiting the next CDR Tournament ;)





[To ToC]

***I currently see no need to BUE-update this section. If anyone is having problems, let me know, and I will address it!***

I'm not very sure on where I want to start, and I was actually starting to type up an entire guide on how all of the raid encounters work (both Muspelheim and Axis). But I think doing so would be out of place, as this is not a general Raid guide, but more so specifics about Black Cat's raiding. For now, I will assume you know how the raid encounters work.


Green and Red Muspelheim should both be trivial to you as Black Cat. Even in Red, where other party members may die, you will merely be losing 1 of your 9 Lives (the highlighted feature for this entire Raid section). And quite simply, between your starting 9 Lives, mindlessly spamming Medkits if you're slightly uncomfortable, and then your 20-second grace period with your Ultimate followed by having the 9 Lives restocked... There is no reason for even the lowest-geared Black Cat to provide an actual death to the raid group. The only encounters that can really even deal any decent damage are the first two. And with the very first encounter, most of that damage is negatable by knowing the debuff mechanics and acting accordingly.



Now this... THIS is a very fun little interesting fact I have discovered, thanks to my friend @ Santiclause suggesting that I test it out.

During Muspelheim's Monolith fight... As you already know, killing the yellow-elite archers will drop the buff on the ground that, if picked up, lets you deal yuor actual damage to the Monolith for a brief period of time. Well, AS IT TURNS OUT... that buff actually snapshots on all your DoTs!!! So what you can actually do in this encounter is 1) grab the Monolith buff once, then 2) get to the middle and pop your usual beginning rotation on the Monolith. But when the Monolith buff ends, you're going to 3) stay at the Monolith and continuously refresh the DoTs before they fall off! And just like that, your DoTs will be doing full damage to the Monolith the entire time! All you have to focus on is refreshing them constantly, and trying to survive the debuff (which shouldn't be too difficult). This is easily better use of your time than going back & forth for the buff, or guiding Fire Giants which anyone at all could be doing without your help.


And if anyone gets mad at you for camping the middle... Tell them I told you to do it! You could probably say something along the lines of, "I read it in a guide, and the buff snapshots." They'll either understand and accept, or not know what you're talking about and just leave you alone because of it.


Now, the infamous Axis. It's really not hard, for all the gating people have with their parties. Axis consists of 3 encounters, where the second one is more of a formality and can nearly be afk'd, and the third is about as simple as Surtur (albeit pretty fun, actually).


Sentinels - the first encounter - are the fight to be had.


You are constantly taking damage, while being pushed to see how far you can bring yourself to the edge. A very fun experience, where the whole raid must test themselves for the course of the entire battle. No-death Axis runs seem to be where the real end-game raiding victories are to be had, and, make no mistake, those are earned. And very fun!


This is a video of my second-ever Axis raid. (Deaths: 0) My first raid went a little sloppy. But this time around, armed with just a little bit of knowledge, you can see it's smooth sailing.




In this video, I am using the Fragment + Jacket gear combination, a Cosmic Kurse Medallion, and then everything else is exactly as per build that you see at the top. With just a little bit of knowledge and forethought, Felicia is able to sit on a Sentinel from beginning to end. While you're inserting your standard DPS rotation, you'll only need to keep a few things in mind:


1) Keep a Quick Getaway ready for when the Sentinel drops the AoE.

2) Mentally export Cat Scratch Fever out of your head as a DPS tool, and reserve it for when you need its invulnerability and you're between Medkits.

3) Your DoTs are insanely more powerful with Master Thief snapshotted rather than without. Also, there are times your DoTs will fall. It's not a bad idea to hold Master Thief for the times when this happens. (But with more experience, you'll be able to drop those smokebombs for DPS, and you'll know when to hold them for reapplications after the mini-Sents appear.)


Overall, as our 9 Lives slowly dwindle away, we will eventually pop our Ultimate to gain 20 seconds of bliss, and a fully-restocked set of 9 Lives to continue our 100-stack abuse. Black Cat is insanely effective in Raids, and Axis is no exception. In fact, it's possibly where she shines the brightest!



[To ToC]

 DoT Snapshotting:

I want to explain DoT snapshotting.

Actually, I'll link a good thread on the matter, then give my TLDR (but recommend reading the thread).

https://forums.marvelheroes.com/discussion /207448/the-emma-frost-omega-telepath-hellfire- headmistress-guide-updated-01-10-16#4.2A


What this means is that you ideally wanna toss all the damage buffs on yourself that you can before you apply your first application of each DoT, then from there on you only need to refresh them before they fall off in order to maintain the super-beefed DoT.

In our case, that means Master Thief, Cmere Kitty, Midtown Signet, and our +5 stats from our Cosmic Insignia.


"Sentinel Targeting Unit" Math:

I'm hearing some disagreement with my decision to run this item. While I had originally full-heartedly chose it based on raw instinct, I decided to do the actual math on it for this brief segment.


We can only get our Vulnerability from 1 of 3 things, assuming you don't rely on getting it from your Teamup (which would present problems of its own, as well as being doubtful as the most optimal source).


 It should be very obvious that this is the weakest source of Vulnerability for us in the game. This ability wastes a skill slot to almost entirely do nothing beyond applying the Vuln debuff. Its damage is extremely low, totaling maybe two uses of your Whip (or other filler). There are more than 10 other skills you'd rather be running in its place.


 And now, we will look at the last two remaining options. I shall assume Sentinel Targeting Unit gets paired with Mask of the Noir Cat, and that Cobra's Hood gets matched with an Edge of Infinity.



Sentinel + Noir


Damage: 2218

Crit Strike: 837

Crit Dmg: 1890

Brut Strike: 644

Brut Dmg: 1500

Cobra + Edge


Damage: 1468

Crit Strike: 841

Crit Dmg: 880

Brut Strike: 841

Brut Dmg: 0


Now let's cross the stats over, and look at what each set gains over the other.


Sentinel + Noir


Damage: +750

Crit Dmg: +1010

Brut Dmg: +1500

Cobra + Edge


Crit Strike: +4

Brut Strike: +197


It's an extraordinarily clear victory for Sentinel Targeting Unit.


You can plug in other Artifacts instead of Edge of Infinity, but your results will not change very much at all, let alone to the degree that would make it relevant. From here on out, the only possible question is whether or not you get more for using a Vulnerability Teamup. However, it's not like Sentinel Targeting Unit has really weak stats, either. The difference between gaining a few hundred Damage Rating from some other Artifact versus using an otherwise-ideal Teamup whom does not have Vuln is most likely going to favor Sentinel. Especially if you have Coulson (which, sadly, I do not have).


PSA: Stop using Sabretooth's Furry Mane!

Tell me if you would use this item:





So stop using it!





Feel free to contact me in-game @ FourthBro

Apologies if I'm not online. Feel free to add me to Friends and get a hold of me whenever I log in. (Usually early morning due to nighttime work schedule... Eastern Standard Time.)