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Builds - Star-Lord - Grenadier Lord 0.23

Durability4 Strength3 Fighting5 Speed4 Energy6 Intelligence5 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Grenadier Lord 0.23 by NukeSpear Last updated 2017-11-13 07:52:27
Types: EndGame, AoE
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LOL what a noob, using 6 sec grenades as main damage!


On a serious note, youre supposed to use all 4 grenades, then Jet dash once, then all grenades again, repeat. When Plasma ammo is about to run out, use Fire to reload (or another loader if u like). Use Signature once available.


Use medikit to restore 1 dash.


It may take a bit of practice to be able to dash and still hit with all grenades. But at least u dont need to look at the bar too much to see cooldowns, its basically press A once and then mash SDFG then A once then SDFG repeat repeat, then eventually H and mouse1. If u want or need, mouse2.


in the unlikely event that you run out of ammo and Fire is still on cooldown, or if you run out of dash and medikit is on cooldown, what do you do? Use EB for some good damage, but as soon as possible resume grenade duty.


Alternate items:

Helm of Doom instead of Essence of Jinn




*important note: I dont currently own some of those items, and i only got 600ish Infinity, not 2k. Anyway i added those because they help this build and I will use it in game myself as soon as i get it. Also for that same reason i cannot provide a TTK for now.




0.21 changed traits to include incendiary grenade.

0.22 minor spelling fix. changed slot 5 from Helm of star lord to essence of jinn. changed instructions to add alternate.

0.23 a few changes in the instructions to reflect the change from ICB to IG.