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Builds - Rogue - Fun Rogue (Easy to manage, easy to play)

Durability7 Strength7 Fighting6 Speed2 Energy4 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Fun Rogue (Easy to manage, easy to play) by Her0221 Last updated 2017-10-28 15:23:59
Types: Danger Room, Hybrid, Tank, Physical, Melee, Energy, DoT, DPS, Cosmic, Terminals, Raid, EndGame, PVE
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Description Comments (6)

If you can manage the health u can go with Gungnir as a legendary.


And if you want to go for range you can use     insted of     which i would not reccomend since the build is made for melee.


If you want to ask me anything about the build ask me in comments bellow, i am new to building heroes so please tell me if i need to fix anything, and i hope you enjoy the build. <3


I changed     for      because i think the meteor will do more damage and get more enemies at once.

And i changed the movement power from     to this    i like it better because its a teleport and it does nice amounts of damage.

If you want to you can change    with    you wont be able to get your enemies closer to you but you might do more damage, this is more of a personal preference, both of them are really good to use.


I changed the artis because i want to have more stats xD and because i can.

The other artis are    ,   ,  ,   i went back to them couse the artis that i have displayed now are more like a show off artis. The other artis are since i change them around often are  ,   ,   ,  . and if you want to go for more brut and more stats u can change slot 3 to     this item is a bit harder to optain but u can get it with farming cows the achviement is called 

Steak For Dinner you can find it in Enemies --> Adversaries --> Steak For Dinner its pretty easy to do and i am sure u will have some fun in there.