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Builds - Blade - Blade Ps4 Prestige 2

Durability5 Strength5 Fighting5 Speed5 Energy1 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Blade Ps4 Prestige 2 by ShockingGUS Last updated 2017-11-04 04:30:41
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Omega Set

Oath of the Destroyer

  • 1. Each Critical Strike with Melee Powers build stack of Rage. when 50 Rage stacks are reached, they are consumed to trigger Destroyer's Wrath, increasing your Brutal Strike Chance by 100% for 5s
  • 2. +50% Brutal Damage

Phoenix Force

  • When you use your Signature power, Ranged attacks will release a Phoenix, dealing 543 Damage (up to 3 times per Signature activation)
  • +50% Base Damage to Signature Powers

Mark of War

  • When you hit with a Sword, Axe, Shield, or Staff power, gain Weapons of War, increasing Base Damage and Total Deflect Rating by 5% for 10s. This effect can stack up to 20 times.