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Builds - Rogue - AOE Energy

Durability7 Strength7 Fighting6 Speed2 Energy4 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
AOE Energy by Blackbloodcrusader Last updated 2017-09-12 00:00:18
Types: EndGame, All, AoE
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This build is Mainly for Players wo Play occationaly.

I got the luck, that one of my SG Members took over an hour of time for me to let me steal all power from Him you may get from Chars and Team-Ups, Thanks for that Nepaa.

This Rogue Build works quit good with the 400 IP but I see a lot of potential to the better when it comes to Crits and Brutals as well as the Durability.

I focused on the Damage because this is a evasive Build that allows you to move away from most of the lagrer Damage.

Just keep in mind that makes you invounrable for a time but in the most unfortunate outcome you may finish it direktly in the charge of Kingpin or Juggernaut whis will be an instant defeat.


I used Hela 3 Times and Volstagg once to get a little bit less Paper.


Now for the Equipment:



instead of   you may use   or       (all in cosmic naturaly)



I am Using  because it is easy to get during the Omega-Event and because it ads up quite good with the fact, that rogue is a crit-brutal junkie, so you may use any Medal that gives you crit/ brutal  and/ore durability/fighting




because  is hard to get you may also use her personal  which are also good


same goes for  and 


Her own Stuff is supprisingly good, but still weaker



The descrition of the skills will follow later on