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Builds - Carnage - Bloodtank 1.0 (Tanky-Dps CDR & Cosmic+ Build!)

Durability5 Strength5 Fighting3 Speed3 Energy3 Intelligence2 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Bloodtank 1.0 (Tanky-Dps CDR & Cosmic+ Build!) by Frostacus Last updated 2017-08-05 07:06:41
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BloodTank 1.0 (Knifes & Axes Edition]!

(My own personal Goals here were to be "Tanky" enough to survive all content with relative ease, Yet strong enough to still DPS down Bosses in a timely fashion)


Greetings & welcome all Carnage fans!

Carnage has now officially joined the team as playable here on Marvel Heroes Omega, rejoice!

This is a tankier build option that is similar to rogue's "suntank" setup in that it's built to take a beating and yet can still dish out great amounts of damage also! I've been working on it throughout his time on the TC and have been having a pretty fun time so far, slaughtering & slaying in true carnage fashion, so i figured i would share my results here too. :)

It's Based on mix of Knife & Axe powers & also takes advantage of a High Health pool for "Maximum Carnage" via his Red Slayer trait that provides base damage per .5% of your Bonus health!

I welcome any and all comments/suggestions/feedback. Ultimately the goal is to have fun with however you enjoy playing Carnage!

_(Disclaimer) This is an ever-evolving setup as I continue my goals of upgrading gear plus raising my infinity points and I'll try to keep it updated along the way._


Update Log:


[8/4] minor change, swapped insignia from O'grady with melee dmg rating + Crit dmg over to a Taskmaster with Critical rating + crit dmg that i just obtained.

[8/2] Added a General Infinity spending guide to the Infinity section.

[7/27] Additional Updates based off of feedback & finally getting the items for the latest gear changes!

With a New Unique Slot 2 & Medallion picks, Infinity total/distribution updated for 1477 points. New pics & ttk video added to reflect changes made, also added some gameplay vids. Now even more of a powerhouse of pain n endurance, coming in @ 1:38s ttk yet still has a whopping 216k effective health/64% damage reduction!


[7/26] Updated pics of gear & hotbar to live. Artifact change, Circlet swapped over to a White suit jacket for better dps & higher effective Hp. Relic alternatives added in gearing section.

[7/20] , Fixed duplicate error on Cosmic artifact affixes, Thor Synergy changed to Colossus, more alternative item's added to gearing section. {edit} Added additional options for Unique slots 1-5.

[7/19] Initial bulk of build added based off of TC results, Incomplete/Work in progress as the website updates for carnage more will be added!...



Talent Selections: Adjust as desired

Powers Used:


 - Vicious Lunge: Short-ranged Dash/CC Break

 - Pure Carnage: 8s cd, Using at or above 75% total resources provides a 3x stacking buff of "symbiotic armor" for 14s which grants +10% damage, +10% healing & +10% dmg absorbed per stack, a total amount of 30% to each at three stacks.

 - Slaying Swipes: Main Filler/basic; it changes effect based on last attack type used, shown below...

   Knife- +10% critical hit chance
   Axe- +15% dmg towards bleeding targets
   Mace- +10% Brutal strike chance
   Claw- Hp regenerated on hit)

 - Reaping Time: An area/melee signature power, dance around slicing enemies & stealing their health! Thanks to the talent "  "it causes Slaying swipes to deal 100% more damage & gain ALL bonus weapon effects for 14s!!

Organic Weapons:

 - Bloody Blender: a +10% crit chance Hard hitter, 6s cd, works in tandem with "to the point" to reduce each other's cooldowns by 50%.

 - To the Point: a +10% crit chance hard hitter, 6s cd, works in tandem with "bloody blender" to reduce each other's cooldowns by 50%

 - Axe Throw: Has 2 charges, Applies Grievous wounds (Dot) & stuns for 1s, 6s cd.

 - Axe Sweep: Frontal aoe attack, applies grievous wounds (Dot) & gets an additional +125% bonus dmg vs vulnerable targets, 8s cd.

Additional Notes:

Your 4 main symbiote resource generator's = bloody blender, to the point, axe throw & axe sweep.

Stack "Symbiotic armor" to 3 stacks quickly via "Pure Carnage" to make use of the 30% Total Damage, 30% healing & 30% damage absorbed buff that it provides at full stacks.

"Pure Carnage" will also heal you in the amount of 4hp per Symbiotic Protection consumed each time it's used thanks to the "No Pain, No Reign" talent in row 1.


Bar Setups:

Main Default Setup:  (Updated 7/27)


Team-up & Hero Synergies:

Current Team-Up & gear:

Using Agent Coulson @ 150% tm-up Synergy.

(Pic soon™)

Current Hero Synergies:

 - Antman
 - Nightcrawler
 - Elektra
 - Emma Frost
 - Psylocke
 - She-Hulk
 - Colossus
 - Squirrel Girl
 - X-23
 - Wolverine


Infinity Distribution & Point Spending Roadmap:

Current Total Infinity amount = 1502

The Mind Gem: (154 points spent)
 - 150/150 Mental Focus
 - 1/50 Mind Gem Infusion

The Power Gem: (154 points spent)
 - 75/75 Strike Through
 - 1/50 Strength Gem infusion

The Reality Gem: (204 points spent)
 - 1/50 Reality Gem Infusion

 - 200/200 Potency

The Soul Gem: (4 points spent)
 - 1/50 Soul Gem Infusion

The Space Gem: (779 points spent)
 - 250/250 Gravity Well
 - 1/50 Space Gem Infusion
 - +11 Durability

The Time Gem: (204 points spent)
 - 50/50 Temporal Loop
 - 1/50 Time Gem Infusion

 General infinity point spending roadmap:

Firstly you'll want to start right into maxing out the "gravity well" node with your first 500 infinity points so as to take quicker advantage of Carnage's "red slayer" trait for the base damage bonus it provides.


- 0 - 500 points: begin with dumping everything into the Gravity well (Health) node until your at max 250/250 (a 91.5% base dmg increase when maxed).

- 501-1000 points: from here ...50/50 temporal loophole (Attack speed) -> 150/150 mental focus (Cdr) -> 75/75 Strike through (bdr).

- 1001 - 1500 points: 200/200 into Potency, then start the point dump into +Durability

(optional excess point dump: 1 pointing each gem infusion proc if desired, a 24point total)



(Disclaimer: gear is in constant flux and could change at anytime.)

Peak Defensive stat's In-combat: (7/27)

Stats Out of combat:  (Updated 7/27)

Currently Worn Legendary:



  Other Legendary options:

Lvl 70 alternatives = ,

Lvl 80 alternatives = , ,  ,


Currently Worn Uniques:

 - Slot 1: Fragment of Twilight (raiding/craftable)
 - Slot 2: Mzee's Hardened Shell (raiding/craftable)
 - Slot 3: (Hero specific unique)
 - Slot 4: (Hero specific unique)
 - Slot 5: Cobra's Hood (anyhero unique)

If your just starting out then all of Carnage's Hero specific Unique slots 1-5 can also work.


  Other Unique Alternatives by Slot:

  • Slot 1 -   or , ,
  • Slot 2 -  or , , , Cosmic w/ Crit + Cdr & Health (Dmg rating proc)
  • Slot 3 -  or 
  • Slot 4 - or , Cosmic w/ Crit or 4Dur + Cdr & Health (Dmg rating proc)
  • Slot 5 - or , Cosmic w/ Crit + Cdr & +1 all attributes for 10s (20s cd) on sig use. (Dmg rating proc)

Current Enchants & Runeword:

 - Slots 1 & 5 = 60 Damage rating, 50 Crit or 50 Physical damage rating (if no access to Armor rune recipes)
 - Slots 2-4 = 300 Health or 200 Health
 - Runeword = The Power Doop

Challenge Bonuses: I'm using +1 Durability on all slots 1-5, but +Strength can work also.


Currently Worn Relics:

  Other Relic Alternatives: (Depending on what you want/need & availability, be it dps, ttl, Life on hit or mobility)

, , or 

Currently Worn Artifacts:

 - Cosmically Enhanced White Suit Jacket
 - Cosmically Enhanced Gem of the Kursed
 - Siege's Cosmically Enhanced Targeting System
 - Cosmically Enhanced Crossbones's Teaching Credentials

   Cosmic artifact alternatives:

, , , , , , , , , , ...

  Non-Cosmic artifact alternatives:

, , , , ...


Current Artifact Blessings:
 - 4x Blessing of Hela

Other decent blessing combinations include:
 - 4x Blessing of Hogun  or

- Blessing of Odin, Blessing of Fandral, Blessing of Hela Blessing of Balder Combination.

Cosmic Artifact Affixes: Bold = Priority choice

 - +1 All Attributes
 - 10% Reduced Signature Cooldown
 - +1500 Dodge, Defense or Deflect
 - +2000 Health
 - +150 Health regeneration   

Currently Worn Medallion:

 - Medallion of the Sinister Six

 Other Medallion Alternatives:

Cosmic's - Skrull Defenders Medallion, Doctor Doom Medallion, Bullseye Medallion, Red Skull Medallion

Unique's - Skrull Medallion Of BraveryHYDRA Agent Medallion , Red Onslaught Medallion, Medallion of the Dark Dimension


Currently Worn Ring:

 - Sling Ring of the Kamar-Taj (physical)

 Other Ring Alternatives:

Midtown Guardian's Signet, Sling Ring of the Kamar-Taj (melee), Cosmic Ring (offensive), Industry City Signet (physical)



Various Videos: (gameplay & ttk)

TTK: 1:38s


Cosmic Terminal Fullclears:


 - Ultron:


- Kingpin:


(Disclaimer: Do not claim to be a math wiz or the best at build write-ups, this was just my spin on it... nevertheless Enjoy.)