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Builds - Spider-Man - Razyel's Back in Movement Build

Durability4 Strength5 Fighting5 Speed5 Energy2 Intelligence5 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Razyel's Back in Movement Build by maxc4 Last updated 2017-07-17 13:06:48
Types: EndGame, AoE, Raid, Terminals, Cosmic, DPS
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UPDATE LOG:  7/16/2017 - Added  a gameplay Video.

UPDATE LOG:  7/13/2017 - Add Synergy and Infinity Insights, cosmic artifacts afix choices.


  Razyel's Back in Movement Build       


Spider is not in a great place right now, but if you really like the character as I do you can still have fun and make it competitive, With that in mind let's start:


Build concept:

The build works around the jumping skills, with the right gear there is no down time, you are always using some skill, there is no need to use  is a dps loss, since we are not using spider brawl anymore there is no need to worry about stacking dodge or atack speed you are still going to have high dodge,  you are spider-man- after all, which is a plus for defense purpose.

With the new Legendary Weapon  and 10% sig cd on cosmic artifact afix your sig will be at 16s CD, pretty sweet.

You will have 60% dmg reduction and 30k + health more than enough to do anything. 


Note: You also have infinity dashes  + 



Always keep Web Spray Up  for 10% dmg vulnerability 

Note: If you have  you don't need to use Wen Spray anymore, you can remove from the skill bar

My suggestion is to add another dash power on the skill bar.


Follow this simple order:  >>   Leaping assault, spider slam and evasive websling will reduce leaping assault cd and thx to Combined strikes trait Spider slam and evasive websling will get massive dmg buff if used one after the other whitin 5s.

And of course on CD

Defensive skills:

If you cant move out of the way for any reason, kind hard with this build you are always moving

You have  taunts all nearby enemys making them hit 10% less for 10s, also giving you 50% + dodge chance for 2,5s

  = 1s invulnerability  = dash in the desired direction and removes CC

Note: You can pick the Enviromental Awareness TRAIT and use Web sling instead of in the skill bar.






Good options whatever you have cosmic and look for the balance you want between dmg and survival:

                          Cosmic afix: 10% cd sig / 2k health / 1 all attributes / 1,5k defense

All 4 blessed with : 

Medallion:                                       Relics:                                           Uru-Forged:

  OR                                  DPS:     Survival:                        DPS:  Survival:  Runeword: 


   Legendary Weapon:                                                           

There is no other option for this build >                     

 Ring:   OR 

2 awesome rings for this build, sling ring provides much more survival  at cost of losing some dmg, midtown signet with 30% crit chance and 30% more dmg all the time is amazing, both rings go neck in neck hard choice to make.         


Uniques:                                                                    Enchants:

Slot 1:    >                                                                     Slot 1 and 5:        Slot 2,3 and 4: 

Slot 2:  BIS >>>> OR  OR            

Slot 3:                                                                                                    Chanllenge Bonus:

Slot 4:       >                                                                                             

Slot 5:  OR   

Team up:

I think you should use whatever you like best, try to have fun, but anyway here are some tips:

Active team up tha deals most dmg:

Passive team up for this build: 20% dmg for 2s when u use movement power is just what we need.


Infinity Points

Soul: +1 Fighting at least + 6 in order to get 150 points bonus.

Power:  Brutal dmg, > if you have more points brutal chance > STR.

Reality:  200 points to incress sig dmg, worth it beacause of the low cd it has.

Time: Since we are not using atack speed for anything put 30 points on time flux, is pretty sweet with double dash on the skill bar.

Mind: 10 to 40 points (depending your gear) on max spirit (webbing) so u can have infinty mana.

Space: In a particular case you actually need to survive more you can consider spend points here otherwise just ignore.

Note: If you are going to spend points in any infinty stone always try to get at least 150 points to receive all the bonuses

Note: Since we are using The Power Doop, get  1 point in Reality Gem Infusion and Mid Gem Infusion so you have a chance to proc everything on power doop


Hero Synergy

Nothing much to say here just to mention you can also try to use Dr Doom synergy 10% sig dmg might be good, I don't have him so i can't tell.

Have fun!