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Builds - Green Goblin - Moving Sparkling Ghosts

Durability4 Strength4 Fighting4 Speed4 Energy3 Intelligence4 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Moving Sparkling Ghosts by jany Last updated 2017-07-17 06:20:07
Types: EndGame, PVE, Raid, Terminals, Cosmic, Energy, Physical, Hybrid
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                                                                                          Green Goblin

                                                                                  Moving Sparkling Ghosts



This is the exact setup ( gear/ infinity points/ artifacts) i'm using on live servers.Now, while Green Goblin is in desperate need of some love ( not even a complete rework, a part from a couple of pointless abilities), i do really enjoy his playstyle but simply wanted to move away from the standard bomb build.This build got tested in all cosmic patrols and terminals and despite GG status it did pretty fine.


                                                                                               STATS (various setups, outside of combat)


Disclaimer : I'm currently running with the first setup among the ones listed below.Any of the other setups works just fine and it's up to you to pick the one you prefer; don't get easily fooled by the huge difference between the stats provided by vs listed below, those are stats while OUTSIDE of combat.
The first setup makes you earn more IN combat stats as it relies more on IN combat procs (100% uptime while in combat) while the other setups focus more on non procs buffs.
Even the base damage showed in the sheet ain't taking count of the base damage to energy /physical / movement powers earned by various items ( e.g. ).

Disclaimer n2 : The stats listed below are my ingame stats, so they can be improved by using better rolled items.

Discalimer n3 : The marvelheroes.info website is currently running beta stats not counting the various +1 to all attributes stats earned by spending 150 points in the various infinity gems, here is a link showing my stats outside of combat.( with quicksilver set to passve you earn +1 speed and dodge rating).



1) Vulture's Mechanical Wings / Vulture Medallion / Salvaged Alien Weapon Setup

Attack speed = 28.5% ( 2.6 attacks per second on your )
Critical Hit Rating = 36.5%
Critical Damage Rating = 316%
Brutal Strike Rating = 48.2%
Brutal Damage Rating = 655%
Damage Reduction = 46% (with perfect rolls) 40%+ with random rolls
Avg Effective Health = 63k (extra dodge from medallion not getting considered while outside of combat).

Please, keep in mind that most of your base damage and damage reduction comes out from procs that ain't getting considered in the listed stats
( dodge rating from your medallion, brutal strike rating from Wings and reduced cd on movement powers which means you can use half of your kit 25% faster ).
 2.3 secs cd  /  (ultra wing clip ) 3 secs cd /   22.5 secs cd ( 19.5 secs cd while in combat)  3 secs cd per charge.

As you can easily understand, being able to spam your signature every 19.5 secs it's a huge boost to your area dps (and single, if you are lucky enough), same goes with such a lower cd on your movement abilities. Sadly, while  do benefit from anything that boosts movement powers damage, it is tagged as Area only and won't benefit from the reduced cd effect provided by .


2) Vulture's Mechanical Wings / Vulture Medallion / Gungnir Setup

Attack speed = 28.5% ( 2.6 attacks per second on your )
Critical Hit Rating = 44.9%
Critical Damage Rating = 352%
Brutal Strike Rating = 42.4%
Brutal Damage Rating = 691%
Damage Reduction = 44% (with perfect rolls) 40%+ with random rolls
Avg Effective Health = 59k

 3 secs cd  /  (ultra wing clip ) 4 secs cd /   30 secs cd ( 27 secs cd while in combat)  4 secs cd per charge.


3) Lizard's formula / Hydra Agent Medallion / Gungnir  Setup

Attack speed = 33.9% ( 2.7 attacks per second on your  and can't really push it any further)
Critical Hit Rating = 44.8%
Critical Damage Rating = 351%
Brutal Strike Rating = 42.4%
Brutal Damage Rating = 690%
Damage Reduction = 45% (with perfect rolls) 40%+ with random rolls
Avg Effective Health = 58k

 3 secs cd  /  (ultra wing clip ) 4 secs cd /   30 secs cd ( 27 secs cd while in combat)  4 secs cd per charge.




Hold down your main spender  - Apply your Vulnerability  (can have a maximum of 3 areas active at the same time) - Apply your dmg over time with your  (actually called Ultra Wing Clip, thanks to Vicious Cycle which adds a over time effect) - Use your signature, to trigger the buff to movement powers and attack speed  - Keep refreshing your  (stacs up to 5 times, fades after 5 secs if not refreshed) -   -  to refresh your physical over time dmg -  use this on cd, to refresh your sprit and gain hp back -  Tagged as Area dmg, benefits from Movement power bonuses.

TL/DR : x5                Refresh  every  2x  (4secs cd / 3secs while using ).

SIDENOTE: Why picking Engine Upgrade if you are not gonna use Nitrous Boost in your kit? the answer is, you do that to let your Ultra Wing Clip get a physical over time effect. Picking this talent over Serrated Blades because Ultra Wing Clip will be used in the kit anyway and will be also buffed by your signature and by Vicious Cycle, the overall dps will be better compared to using the Serrated Blades talent.

                                                                             ALTERNATIVE BUILD SETUP

1)You can replace Quadruple Ghost Surprise with Oscorp Laser Mark 2.  Means, you will replace  with   or  and your  will have 3 charges to be used.

If you decide to go this way, you might need to switch Booster Bombs for Bombing is Good For The Soul, to let your signature restore both spirit and hp Or simply use a catalyst that provides 5 spirit on hit (1sec cd). Tested this setup and the results are pretty much the same. Pick the setup that more fits your playstyle.

2) You can replace your main spender  with . To do that, swap  Extra Sparks for Shaped Charges.This setup will be easier to play with as you will be able to use  while moving.

You can also use different Synergies : Angela - Ant Man - Cable - Green Goblin - Human Torch - Iron Man - Magneto - Silver Surfer - Thor - Wolverine. This is going to be a more AoE focused setup.


                                                                                     ALTERNATIVE GEAR




( to increase your aoe dmg).

 lower critical damage rating but higher base damage rating, compared to .

 Critical damage rating and a 30% increased chance to critical hit on your next movment power after using a "movement" tagged ability.

 and are both good options for slot 1.

 Bis for his bomb build, works nicely for this build as well.
 Nice and cheap artifact, wish there was a cosmic version of it.

Many artifacts out there can replace the ones i'm currently using. i'm currently hoping to get a cosmic  ( would roll a 10% reduced cd on signature as affix). Edit : replaced the Lizard's Formula for  (10% reduced cd on signature as cosmic affx).

 to get Lif on Hit or Defense Rating.
 to get increased bonuses to your ranged abilities.
 great for his bomb build and works nicely on this build. plenty of "area" tagged powers.

 Great item for GG. Damage rating for both damage type and a shield protecting you when you get too low on health.
 Used this legendary on GG for a long time, now replaced it with  (tagged as lvl 70 legendary, it's supposed to be a lvl 80).



                                                                                                     TEAM UP HEROES

I'm currently using  on passive mode as it provides +1 speed and +720 dodge rating but i do happen to use him on active mode as well, he likes to pull enemies togheter :D.
I would also consider using  on passive for additional brutal strike rating and life on hit.

 TTK purpose, best dps you can get out of a team up while set on active mode.

 also provides various benefits, on passive and active mode.

 gives a weaken effect, taunts and also pulls enemies in front of her.

 on passive mode for additional defensive stats and nice aoe dmg.

 on passive mode provides 20% base damage after using a movement power.


2017/07/17 - Updated inifnity setup to current.Still farming for a cosmic The Big One.

2017/07/13 - Updated infinity setup to current.Upgraded Ultimate rank up to 9.Still farming for a cosmic The Big One.

2017/07/08 - Updated the infinity points to current setup.Added  to the  "Team Up Heroes" section, for TTK purpose. Still farming for a Cosmic . About TTK, the 3x  setup ( listed in the "Alternative Builds " section is probably the best for TTK purpose, the differences are minimal tho.

2017/07/05 - Updated the build. Swapped my insignia of Quake for an insignia of Hawkeye (extra hit rating ).Changed my slot 2, from  to . Changed the screenshot showing my ingame stats with an updated one and also updated the various stats listed in the setups. Still farming for a cosmic The Big One to test.

2017/07/03 - Updated the build, Swapped  for (wrongly tagged as lvl70 legendary, it's lvl 80), also swapped  for  and for a . Also updated infinity points, added additional infos to possible setups.

2017/06/17 -  Updated the build and made it public.




Once again, while green goblin is in need of love, i don't feel like he needs a complete rework ( a part for a couple of abilities which are pointless to have in any build ), he surely needs his base damage to get a serious buff. The build is overall funny to play with, very easy to manage and to "master" , got various options on a couple of abilities ( see alternative build setup section) and the damage is ok for cosmic content.