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Builds - Spider-Man - Evasive Webslinger (the best rotation?)

Durability4 Strength5 Fighting5 Speed5 Energy2 Intelligence5 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Evasive Webslinger (the best rotation?) by cjtorresj Last updated 2017-07-20 03:13:10
Types: All, Leveling, Terminals, Cosmic, DPS, Physical, Hybrid
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First of all, I want to say that I am a kind of a noob to this game, and English is not my native language. Then, there is a lot of possible improvement here. Constructive criticism and good intentioned feedback are very welcome

I really like this game, and Spidey has been my favorite hero all my life. That is the reason why I decided to work in my own build for him. I have seen that a melee Spider-man seems to be the natural and advantageous choice. I tried that build but I did not feel comfortable with it. I do not like to put myself at close range and try to endure all the hits received. Besides, I cannot get used to the idea of a tanky spider-man. Therefore, I wanted to play with a well-mixed build (movement, melee, and ranged attacks) that allows me to focus on the agility of our friendly neighborhood.



Web Spray, Leaping Assault (cooldown 8s), Spider Slam (cooldown 4s), Evasive Websling (cooldown 4s), Spider Slam, Evasive Websling, Stick Around (cooldown 8s), Web Sling (cooldown 8s), Web Sling (and repeat according to cooldowns and/or adapt to avoid enemy attacks)

Web Spray (every 5s)

Amazing Smash (cooldown 25s) (anytime or to recover webbing)

Rapidfire Webs (Channeled for weak groups in front or around you)

With this eight powers, Dodge does not seem something to be focused on. Web Barrage benefits of Dodge but I think that I get more for my money (webbing) with Rapidfire Webs. Infuriating Humor seems a must when you try to maximize Dodge.

Med Kit should be activated frequently to get all the benefits of its use (catalyst) and to recover webbing besides the obvious health recovery.

Leaping Assault, Spider Slam, and Amazing Smash are melee powers.

Web Spray, Stick Around, Web Sling, Rapidfire Webs, and Evasive Websling are ranged powers.

Leaping Assault, Spider Slam, Evasive Websling, and Amazing Smash are movement powers.

All powers, except Web Sling, are area powers. Only Web Sling benefits of Dodge. None is a basic or a dash power.

Talents and traits are self-explanatory. In fact, I choose "the best" talents and traits for me first, then I built the rotation considering that initial selection.



The items for this build are practically the same of the "Superior is My First Name" build. Since 3 melee powers are going to be frequently activated, "when yo hit with a melee" items work good enough with the set of powers of this build. I tried to make some improvements, but there was not much room. Nevertheless, below are some alternatives.


(1) Horizon Labs Web-Shooters.

(2) Standard Issue X-Men Uniform or Iron Spider Breastplate.

(5) Brutally Awesome Summer Shades.

Artifacts: Superior Spider-Mask, Flag of the Skrull Empire, Gem of the KursedCosmically Enhanced Crossbones's Teaching CredentialsCrossbones's Teaching Credentials (physical)Advanced Circlet of CyttorakEdge of Infinity or Тор Secret HYDRA Training Manual with all Blessing of Hela (offensive) or Blessing of Odin+Blessing of Hela+Blessing of Fandral+Blessing of Sif (mixed).

Medallions: Skrull Medallion Of Bravery, Taskmaster Medallion, or Red Onslaught Medallion (for raid bosses).

Uru-ForgedUru-Forged Battle Plate (defensive) with The Power Doop.

LegendariesShield of Perseus (defensive).

Rings: Sling Ring of the Kamar-Taj (physical) or Industry City Signet (physical).

Insignias: Insignia of Captain America or Insignia of Taskmaster.

Pet cyber affixes:

(uncommon) +8% base health. 

(epic) +3% critical damage or +10% brutal damage.

(cosmic) Gain 4% critical damage rating + 4% attack speed on hit for 12s or when you dodge an attack gain 4% basic damage rating + 4% brutal damage rating for 12s. 

Team-Ups: Jessica Jones is great for this build because she taunts enemies and pulls them together. Carnage is an interesting choice from spidey's lore.

Synergies: Spider-man, Psylocke or Thor instead of Mr. Fantastic.

Infinity points: I am testing it right now. I do not have a lot of points, so here I put 150 points for each gem to get all the +1 attributes bonuses and make variations from there. If you have more than 150x6 points, you are far more experienced than I and most likely your point assignment is better than mine.