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Builds - Silver Surfer - Very Mobile EMF build

Durability7 Strength5 Fighting5 Speed7 Energy7 Intelligence4 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Very Mobile EMF build by brutalizer Last updated 2017-09-24 12:00:54
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This build is slightly different from the majority of emf builds as, it doesn't use  (Temporal Recall)but instead, uses  (Subspace Slipstream) to be highly mobile through its permanent teleport and the fact that, it resets your board dash charges so, you're pretty much untouchable if played properly and it's a more fun gameplay. There is a dps loss from that but, it won't hinder your ability to kill bosses since, surfer's single target dps is very solid anyway and with permanent teleporting and dashing you won't be getting close to dying at all. In case you're in any kind of group (raid,patrol,etc) ,swap out  for  for the dps increase from 20% increase on attack speed and the utility provided by the 2.5sec duration aoe stun it offers. Another option is to swap  with  since the spirit regeneration singularity offers is not rly needed if u have enough infinity points and good gear (u wont be running out of spirit at all as deconstruct, reconstruct and ur items help with that matter) and the dmg singularity offers is not that much, the area of its dmg is not that big either and ur mostly attacking from range and not melee so ur missing out on the dmg most of the times. If ur gear is not that good and u find urself running out of spirit then keep singularity until u feel u dont rly need it.

Another difference is the fact that, i focused on stacking as much spirit as i could to boost the base dmg via the cosmic affix of the slot 3 item  that, turns every 50 points of  spirit into 1% base dmg for energy powers. I still went for  instead of  or  eventhough they increase spirit because, the 6 energy provided by the rod(960 dmg rating/24% base dmg increase) is more dmg provided than, the 300 spirit (6% base dmg increase) m'kraan gives or the 500 more energy dmg plus the 150 spirit (3% base dmg increase).