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Builds - Taskmaster - RainbowDash's Hybrid Tankmaster Build

Durability4 Strength3 Fighting7 Speed3 Energy1 Intelligence4 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
RainbowDash's Hybrid Tankmaster Build by RainbowDashTheFlash Last updated 2017-05-19 04:33:40
Types: All, Cosmic
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            This build is ment to be for fun and survivability! The damage can be improved!

                                       I've tested this build in cosmic zones and raids and it never failed me yet.

  Everything in this build I am using or going to use when I get it. The only item I don't use currently is the ring but it is                       better than any other ring. The hero synergies I am going to use but that is still in the works. 


Other gear choices:

Slot 1:  or  I haven't tested the fragment but it probably is better than  the hammer.

Slot 2:  It's very good but the shell gives more defense over time.

Slot 3:  Also pretty good. The KotV just gives more health and defense.

There are other good legendaries like the axe or shield but I use Excalibur for the health on hit, defense and still keep some goof damage.

For insigs their are some other good choices like  or  but I prefer the +1 fighting you get from the Spidey insig.


    The 5th trait is useless for this build so don't bother with it unless you wanna modify it for your own gameplay.

                                 The infinity system is based off of you having 1000 infinity points. 

If you wanna see it on the forums: