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Builds - Loki - Bings 'Frozen Inferno' Loki Guide (Tanky, AOE, Fire/Ice. Updated 01/04/17)

Durability6 Strength4 Fighting3 Speed3 Energy6 Intelligence5 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Bings 'Frozen Inferno' Loki Guide (Tanky, AOE, Fire/Ice. Updated 01/04/17) by TonyBing Last updated 2017-04-01 23:16:52
Types: PVE, EndGame, Raid, Terminals, Cosmic, DPS, Mental, Melee, Tank, Video
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Tanky (over 110k EH) Frost/Fire build. Nice damage, utility on demand (weaken, slow, vunerability) tons of aoe and lots of Survivability.


Cosmic Gameplay Videos:









 is our main spender.  for clearing trash and adding Weaken followed by  for Vunerability (proc on Cobra's Hood has too low an uptime. As we now have Weaken, Vunerability and Burn we can cast  for 150% bonus damage. Follow this up with  to buff  with its 100% crit rate by 100%. Cast once more and then back to start of rotation.  can be used at any point though try to use it when damage proc from Armor of Invincibility is up.




Infinity points are based on assumption that you have 1100 points which means you've gained 100 since the BUE.




- The Power Doop is taken mainly for the spirit sustain but also offers a nice amount of damage. Other options to help sustain spirit include Loki Synergy, Spirit on Catalyst, Spirit on Med-Kit use with Catalyst and spirit reduction on Cosmic Artifacts.

- We use Fragment of Twilight as out Slot 1 over the Laevateinn as although his own slot 1 offer a huge amount of damage we gain 2.7 k health, 300 loh, 500 Brut Rating and 1k defence in exchange for roughly 600 damage rating (worth it for this build imo).

- For slot 4 we drop his own unique Seven League Boots losing a small amount of damage rating for Skrull Military Uniform as this provides us with a further 1k health and 600 Brut Rating (around 6% Brut chance).

- Catalyst selected is a combination of the perfect stats you want to look for.


Change Log:


- 01/04/17 - New Infinity setup added.