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Builds - Rogue - rogue summoner Post BUE test

Durability7 Strength7 Fighting6 Speed2 Energy4 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
rogue summoner Post BUE test by bolly Last updated 2017-08-12 19:13:34
Types: DPS, All, EndGame, Hybrid, Summoner, Cosmic, Terminals, Raid, MM, Danger Room
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 The build also tries to utilise all power doop buffs so  should proc mental component, with kinetic recall talent ( turns physical) should proc physical, and should proc energy. I did a bunch of testing and seems of all the stolen powers it comes down to two possibles that are good usability/dps wise : (stolen from human torch) and (stolen from X-23). They both do aoe which is something this build lacks abit and their damage is superior to all alternatives, plus they have very fast animations and overall usability is very good. You can choose to go for and simply swap the first talent from #3 to #1 options. With You will simply spam the ability after you summon all your minions and do your signature, just as a filler to proc doop+dps. Also good for killing aoe low health/green difficulty mobs which this build otherwise lacks.

With there is potential for slightly higher damage due to how the ability works. Basicly it has no animation, you can cast spam it while moving, and it has very fast atk speed, about 4.7 atk per seconds before any speed increase from any gear/other sources. There is however some 'gaming' to be made, as you can choose to let the stacking buff fall off before it reaches 20 (which normally puts it on cooldown but also buffs you for 10% dmg and 20% crit dmg and 30% move speed). You might want to do this at some cases if you value the raw short term burst damage aoe this ability will do rather than the overall damage increase your pets will get (usually the case when you try to finish off weak enemies).

One last thing though, is with you WILL have some spirit issues, which however can be mostly solved by a combination of getting skilled with the build and the ability, and especially using well timed medkits with the catalyst affix that regenerates 100 spirit and 3000 health. Also i recommend (for all heroes actually) to invest 50 points in the soul gem with infinity points, to get more frequent medkit usage when you drop low hp-which with the catalyst will ensure you are never spirit starved.



 Alternative Rings: Cosmic 63+item level with 1000 crit damage and either 3 durability/900 crit damage, 3 fighting/900 crit damage,

900 crit damage/642 brut strike rating, 900 crit damage/1500 brut damage rating. ( reason is in this build we value less crit hit and more crit damage and brut because of  granting all our pets 100% crit chance every 25 seconds.)


Alternative Artifacts:  , , , ,


Alternative Slot 2:

Alternative Slot 5: , ---if you use then you should avoid using as they both provide vulnerability and its a waste to use both as the 10% extra damage doesn't stack.

Alternative Slot 3:

Also you could replace with if you feel like it, very similar with each other and mostly down to preference, and i guess if you have very good dps gear benefiting your follower may be sliiighlty better whereas if not would win by a bit.