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Builds - Luke Cage - "Sweet Christmas, Danny!" - A Double Finisher Build

Durability6 Strength6 Fighting5 Speed3 Energy1 Intelligence2 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
"Sweet Christmas, Danny!" - A Double Finisher Build by fabiobr Last updated 2017-06-13 17:42:17
Types: Cosmic, Terminals, EndGame, PVE
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That's a combo build that utilizes two finishers: and , plus your best pal  to kung-fu some bad guys. Now tie your shoes and get your coat, cuz you're gonna spend the day with the Heroes for Hire!



Relentless: Since this is a combo build, increasing our combo points maximum is the best option here. Plus, it buffs points generation.

Business Is Good: Why this over Makeshift Weapon? Well, hits harder and I'm not using . Also, I'm focusing on Danny's follow-up. All this makes Business is Good  the only option here.

Lethal Fists: buffs damage and now will always land a critical.

Street Justice: turns into a finisher.

Sweet Christmas!: now resets all powers. Pretty good, huh?



: flat physical damage, excelent BSR amount, +3 durability. ACoC is BiS on durability/physical heroes.

: flat damage, good BDR amount, +4 durability. Using this for the same reasons I'm using ACoC.

: gives CHR, BSR, and melee/ranged damage. Plus the BDR stacking is really good. If you don't have the cosmic version, use instead.

: Stacks a really good amount of BSR/BDR. You can use the non cosmic version too, since it has both fighting and durability stats.


: Gives lots of BSR, and a good amount of CDR/BDR. Has a defense proc and +4 fighting too.

: Good defensive stats and interacts with combo points. +3 fighting/+3 durability is awesome.

: Huge HP stats, good defensive procs. +5 fighting/+4 durability and almost 500 flat damage boost our damage too. If you don't have this, has similar stats.

: Has good CHR/BSR, some health and interacts with combo points. Not incredible, but not bad too.

: Good overall unique. Has health, CHR, CDR and flat physical damage. The proc and the debuff are just awesome.


: Since he's a bit more squeashy now, this Uru might be the best option.

: Gives huge amounts of BDR. And we brute quite a lot.

: BiS for most heroes. You can use too.

: best offensive option. I think is a bit exagerated, but it's fine too.


: I consider this BiS for him, but any insignia that has CDR is fine.

Grab any catalyst that has health/spirit recovery. The +3 fighting/durability is nice, but not mandatory.

: Gives health, attack speed, CHR, and flat damage. Need anything else?


If you don't have 1000 Infinity Points yet, here's the priority:

Space Gem (Gravity Well -> Micro-Warps) -> Mind Gem (Mind Over Matter -> Mental Focus) -> Power Gem (Strike Through) -> Time Gem (Temporal Loophole).



I'll call this phase one:

Apply vulnerability with  followed by  to stack some combo points. Use  to finish filling your combo bar.



If signature is up:

Spend your combo points with and use right after. Why? Because you're gonna use to reset all your powers and repeat the rotation.

If signature is on cooldown:

Spend your combo points with . Repeat the rotation, but now using as finisher, since your other finisher will probably still be on cooldown.

About Iron Fist:

Call for the party after you hit your signature for the first time. This way he will snapshot your buffed stats when he's summoned. Then all you need to do is hit the summon button again at the end of every rotation, this way you'll refresh his snapshotted stats.


To wrap things up: you repeat phase one rotation alternating the finishers. That's it.




I've been farming CMM consistently with this build. Post-update Luke is a bit squeashier, but nothing to worry about too much. Generally I just need to pay attention to Crossbones, can't facetank him for too long.


Stats in combat:

Attack Speed: 20.5%
CHR: 50.4%
CDR: 295%
BSR: 50.9%
BDR: 656%


I actually have 45% damage reduction and 33.1k HP, the Infinity Nodes aren't added to the stats sheet.

Hope you enjoyed my guide, Luke is one of my favorite heroes, ingame and comics. Any critics/suggestions/feedback are welcome.

Peace! Sweet Christmas!