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Builds - Rogue - Suntank 3.0 [Tanky-Dps CDR & Cosmic+ Build] (1:53s ttk)!

Durability7 Strength7 Fighting6 Speed2 Energy4 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Suntank 3.0 [Tanky-Dps CDR & Cosmic+ Build] (1:53s ttk)! by Frostacus Last updated 2017-07-02 23:32:45
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Suntank 3.0 (SpiderThing Edition)!


(My own personal Goals here were to be "Tanky" enough to survive all content with relative ease, Yet strong enough to still DPS down Bosses in a timely fashion)



Important notice!

  With the most recent Removal of FF4  & related characters, These synergies are no longer obtainable (Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr Fantastic, Thing & Silver Surfer) unless you had previously owned them beforehand.

As for their stealable powers; Currently at this time you can still obtain them by finding a player that owns the character, with the exception of Mole-Man, as he was an NPC and is no longer in the game so his power is completely gone unless you had it banked before his removal.



Update Log:


[7/2] Slight Gear change via swapping out for & Also new Cosmic  added with Deflect rating added to replace the old non-cosmic version. Infinity total/point distribution updated for 1411 Infinity Points, & Slight Synergy changes. New stats pictures, Powers picture and Hotbar picture added also the ttk video updated to reflect changes made.


[4/10] Power selections & Hotbar setup have been added to the top now that the website is updated for Rogue! An Additional "Unique alternatives" section has been added in the gearing section below.


[4/2] Initial bulk of build transfered here, since the Official MH forums decided to eat my older post containing it.



Greetings & welcome all rogue fans!

In light of the "BIGGEST UPDATE EVER" for MarvelHeroes 2016 I felt that it was time for a Fresh new thread to kick off the patch!

With this update rogue gains access to a whole slew of mechanic changes and fresh new power combinations, So to start it off here is a previously popular build option all redone to work with the new system changes and get a headstart on your 2017 Farming.


I welcome any and all comments/suggestions/feedback. Ultimately the goal is to have fun with however you enjoy playing Rogue


 (Disclaimer) This is an ever-evolving setup as I continue my goals of upgrading & maximizing my Gear/Infinity and i'll try to keep it updated along the way.



Power Selections:

Powers can be any slot needed.



Drain Strength Powers: (Active Powers)

Stolen Power 1: Solar Strike (Core/Sunspot)

Stolen Power 2: Teleportal (Core/The Deceiver) OR (Vanish from Kirigi)

Stolen Power 3: Blood and Thunder (Impact/Beta-Ray Bill)

Stolen Power 4: [Empty free Slot]  (Currently set to Lawyer Up (Enhancement/She-Hulk)

Stolen Power 5: Ragin' Cajun (Enhancement/Gambit)

Stolen Power 6: Supersonic Cyclone (Impact/Quicksilver)

Stolen Power 7: Crashing Hail (Attrition/Storm)

[Other Power 7 Options} Wrath of Muspelheim (Impact/Surtur) If no other Mental power  OR  [Secondary Non-raiding option = Hell Rides (Impact/Robbie GR)]

Stolen Power 8: Crimson Sweep (Core/X-23)


A Secondary option if Teleportal is not available = Vanish from Kirigi, Also for those that don't have access to the Raid Power (Surtur's) then Using Hell Rides from the Ghost Rider team-up can also work in it's place for a mental proccer.


Absorption Augments: (Traits/Passives)

Passive Slot 1: Super Soldier Serum (Trait/Captain America)

Passive Slot 2: Clobberin' Time (Trait/Thing)

Passive Slot 3: Spider-Sense (Trait/Spider-man)


Spider-man and Thing are a core part to this setup, however below are some of the decent choices for a third passive that I've been testing out so far to go with them:


Offensive options: Crossbones, Venom, Drax, Rocket Raccon, Warmachine, Gamora,

Defensive options: Captain America, Antman, Domino, Punisher, Batroc, Kraven

Utility/Regen options: Tombstone, Starlord , Deadpool, Sabretooth, Hood , Lizard

Notes - Bolded options being my own personal top picks of each category for a 3rd passive, depending on what is needed at the time.




Bar Setups 1:

Setup 1: Teleport/mobile setup

 *Note the 540 Spirit is with both Spirit BoosterSpirit Enhancer potions made from any Crafter as well as the achievement reward item Box Of Keepsakes For a total bonus of +95 spirit, her normal spirit levels without those active are 445.





Hero Synergies:

Current Used Synergies:

  • Angela
  • X-23
  • Elektra
  • Emma Frost
  • Human torch
  • Magneto
  • Spider-Man or Cyclops (for xp)
  • Squirrel Girl
  • War Machine
  • Wolverine


With the most recent Removal of FF4 characters, These synergies are no longer obtainable (Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr Fantastic, Thing & Silver Surfer) unless you had previously owned them beforehand.



(Pics updated for 2.11)

Peak Stats In-combat:


Stats Out of combat:


Currently Worn Uniques:

  • Slot 1: Fragment of Twilight (raiding/craftable)
  • Slot 2: Xmen Uniform (Danger Room Merits)
  • Slot 3: Stark Sentinel Adaptive Reactor (raiding/craftable)
  • Slot 4: Age of Apocalypse Boots (Hero specific unique)
  • Slot 5: Anna Marie's Bomber Jacket (Hero specific unique)

If your just starting out then all of rogues Hero specific Unique slots 1-5 are decent optionsKiss of the Viper Slot 3 is also a Very good choice as well if you don't have access to the raid uniques.


 Unique Alternatives by Slot:

  • Slot 1 -   or , , ,
  • Slot 2 - or  , (STR on Mzee is wasted for the most part, but still a somewhat viable defensive option)
  • Slot 3 - or  
  • Slot 4 - or , , , ,
  • Slot 5 - or , , ,  



Current Enchants:

  • Slots 1 & 5 = 100 Area damage rating or 50 energy damage rating (if no access to Armor rune recipes)
  • Slots 2-4 = 100 Dodge rating

Challenge Bonuses: I'm using +1 Fighting on all slots 1-5, but +durability can work as well.


Currently Worn Artifacts:

  • Cosmically Enhanced A.R.M.O.R. M-26 Anti-Reality Grenade
  • Cosmically Enhanced Gem of the Kursed
  • Cosmically Enhanced Crossbones Teaching Credentials
  • Cosmically Enhanced Siege's Targeting System


Artifact Alternatives:

, , , , , are just a few, all of which come in Cosmic versions also.

is another "possible" option, but i am still farming for one though to test out so unsure at the moment.


Current Artifact Blessings:

- 2x Blessing of Fandral & 2x Blessing of Hela

Other decent blessing combination include:
- 4x Blessing of Hela

- Blessing of Odin + Blessing of Fandral, Blessing of Hela, Blessing of Sif Combination.


Cosmic Artifact Affixes: Bold = Priority choice

  • +1 All Attributes
  • 10% Reduced Signature Cooldown
  • 1500 Dodge
  • 1500 Deflect
  • +2000 Health
  • 150 Spirit (if using Infernal meteor or WM trait)


Medallion Alternatives:

, ,

Also Imo since cosmic medals only offers an extra 10% to medkit crit, i feel as though a Purple medal can now also be a choice if you have one with great rolls. Cosmic Versions now offer +1 all attributes & should be used again.

Ring Alternatives:

, , ,



Rogue's Ultimate

Out of Combat: Rank 20

Rotation while in Ultimate Form:

Righteous Frenzy -> Ethereal butterflies -> Furious Assault -> Colossal Roar -> Righteous Fury* (*If multiple targets) -> Swift claws filler, Repeat..

Rogue's Ultimate has received some changes not too long ago, & provides some Big Static Buffs as well as now having a passive energy ability (ragin cajun) to keep procs up 100% on the various Hybrid items.






Cosmic Raid Dummy - 1:53s @ 1411 Infinity points (Updated for Patch 2.11)



(Disclaimer: Do not claim to be a math wiz or the best at build write-ups, this was just my spin on it... nevertheless Enjoy.)