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Builds - Wolverine - Frenzy + Impale Single Target

Durability6 Strength3 Fighting7 Speed3 Energy1 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Frenzy + Impale Single Target by gogol Last updated 2017-01-30 02:12:32
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Build is still a WIP as far as uniques and artifacts for highest potential DPS. I'm sure someone will come along with a better Frenzy build eventually. This is just something I've been experimenting with.


This build is capable of using no basic (Swift Claws), but I prefer the extra 10% crit. This can only be done if you have enough Infinity Points for increased Fury (priority) and Fury Cost Reduction, and have Old Man's Work Boots rolls with 18-20% Fury reduction, OR if you make some sacrifices that are listed below. If you decide you to go without Swift Claws, replace the ability with whatever you want, really. AOE potential for this build is downright awful but Wolvie's AOE in general is so bad it hardly matters.


If you want to use/try the build but are having Fury issues, you have some options. Change Slot 3 to Oscorp Prototype Generator, and/or ring to Stone of Jordan, and/or medallion to Magneto Medallion, and/or artifact for Improved Arc Reactor.


Talent 3 is currently bugged to make Feral Roar grant 100% Fury instead of 50% (62.5% with talent 5). In its current state, you can maintain Unstoppable Beast for survivability. Once fixed, can modify the build to use Inexorable Rampage for both AOE and fury generation, or use Let's Make This Quick for more damage.


Talent 4 can be replaced with Exploit Weakness. This makes it a bit tough to keep signature stacks in tune with Impale. Personally, I dislike the animation time and displacement of Run Through, but it still works. 


Talent 5 is Savage Instincts until Talent 3 is fixed. Once fixed, Feral Surge may be necessary.



It is HIGHLY recommended to have a Catalyst affix to grant 1,000 damage on signature use.

While not required, it is useful to also get both 5 spirit on hit (1s cooldown), and 3000hp / 100 fury on medkit use