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Builds - Captain Marvel - 1:32 Offensive/1:46 50K HP CTTK Captain Marvel Hybrid (7/7/17)

Durability6 Strength5 Fighting5 Speed6 Energy6 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
1:32 Offensive/1:46 50K HP CTTK Captain Marvel Hybrid (7/7/17) by Hulkstermania Last updated 2017-07-07 20:18:18
Types: EndGame, PVE, Cosmic, Hybrid, Video, TTK
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Marvel Heroes Forums Build Link

This has been updated on 7/7/17 Big changes will be highlighted in bold, to show the greatest changes.

Current for Spider Man Homecoming/Omega Rebrand Patch

A few of the new artifacts are decent placeholders, but the BiS does not change. Use them or others on the list until you have the different options listed for the offensive or balanced builds.

Doing some testing today, she has two gearing options. One super offensive and one more balanced with all cosmic artifacts w/ more health/defense.

Offensive option:
Artifacts- Cosmic Hand of Doom, Cosmic GoK, Cosmic Crossbones Teaching Credentials, Cybernetic Implant

In Combat:

TTK- 1:32

Balanced Option (More Health, Another Defensive Stat):
Artifacts- Cosmic Hand of Doom, Cosmic GoK, Cosmic Crossbones Teaching Credentials, Cosmic Sacred While Gorilla Necklace

In Combat:

TTKs- 1:46



Row 1- Photonic Empowerment (For More damage)
Row 2- Sparkefists (For Haymaker Skill and additional damage to Mighty Punch)
Row 3- Starfall (To remove cost from Crashdown, add dot, and get an energy restore)
Row 4- Warbird's Cry (For the party buff) or Binary Fusion (for big self buff)
Row 5- Ground Shattering Cascade- (To reduce Ground Shattering Smash cost to 0)

Why these skills?

This build focuses on utilizing balanced damage from all of her skills. This build gives the best opportunity to efficiently clear content as well as staying alive. Now with the infinity system, the notion of TTKs on dummies are out the window. With no ceiling for infinity, it will be biased based on how many infinity points you have.

My goal is to build a melee brawler that will survive all content (yes you may die here and there with the increased damage in the current cosmic mode) but to still do solid damage and use your abilities to stay alive. The major change of the invuln core to just a shield will get some getting used to and the idea of facetanking everything will be a notion of the past for a while.

Skill Rotation

* Always hold down L Click to keep Mighty Punch going.
* Use Ground Shattering Smash since it will be free and to get the cooldown running while you progress through the rest of the rotation.
* Use Haymaker 2x. Anytime Haymaker comes up it will be your priority skill to use. It hits like a truck and helps you keep a good output of damage while spending your energy resource.
* Use Infused Uppercut for dot and to restore energy. Immediately use Haymaker again since energy is at 50%
* Hit Radiant Cascade to generate more energy and use Haymaker through the duration as it generates a good amount of energy.
* Hit Glimpse of Binary (signature) for a huge dps boost.
* Use Crashdown to restore energy to full while Binary buff is up and repeat the rotation

The rotation may get a little out of sync here and there do to moving around and dashing but as long as you keep the overall flow you will be able to output a good amount of dps, survive in most situation (move out of the way of obvious stuff), and give a nice buff to your group during your signature.

Gear- BiS in bold, alternatives listed next

Slot 1- Fragment of Twilight, Skrull's Mighty Hammer, Captain's Gauntlets

Slot 2- Air Force Flight Suit

Slot 3- Aviator’s Scarf

Slot 4- Kree Battle Boots

Slot 5- Warbird's Mask, Essence of Jinn

Legendary Item- MKraan Crystal, Cosmic Control Rod, Norn Stones, Level 70- Power Cosmic

Ring- Stone of Jordan, Prof X Danger Room Ring (Energy/Physical)

Insignia-  Wonder Man (+Crit Rating, Crit Damage), Cyclops, Captain America, Hulk

Relic- Gibborim, Atlantis

Runeword- Power Doop on either Physical or Defense Uru

Medallion- Onslaught Medallion, Hydra Agent Medallion, Dr. Doom

With Cosmic Artifacts being released, we have a new dynamic. We essentially have 2 version of "best in slot" when it comes to artifacts, as well as some being mixed and matched.

The new Cosmic Affixes make Cosmic artifacts a ton more powerful compared to their normal versions, along with the increased roll ranges to make them easier to roll. With that said, there will be 2 versions published for best in slot, one with all artifacts, and one with just all cosmic. We will all need to farm these as Cosmic versions are not tradeable at this time so some mixing and matching will take place.

Offensive option:
* Cosmic Hand of Doom
* Cosmic Gem of the Kursed
* Cosmic Crossbones Teaching Credentials
* Cybernetic Implant

Balanced Option (Potentially 2K more Health, Another Defensive Stat):
* Cosmic Hand of Doom
* Cosmic Gem of the Kursed
* Cosmic Crossbones Teaching Credentials
* Cosmic Sacred While Gorilla Necklace

**Cosmic Artifacts:**

Affixes we want:
* +1 All Attributes
* 10 Reduced Signature Time
* 150 Spirit
* +2000 Health/+1500 Dodge

The defensive options are nice if you can't get one of the above ones to reroll for now, but the ones above are much better options. The Ultimate cooldown is kind of gimmicky, and the less cost reduction doesn't work in this case.

Top Cosmic Artifacts:

Top Normal Artifacts:

Like I said before, you will most likely be mixing and matching these until you have all Cosmic artifacts. I have also added a column in my spreadsheet to track Cosmic versions of artifacts going forward.

Blessings- Hela

Catalyst- 50% Shield is a must, then from there I would recommend any of the following:
* Life on Hit
* Energy or Strength
* Health
* +Photonic Energy

Catalyst Affixes- Critical Damage

Medkit is really no longer needed since it doesnt generate a significant amount. This may change upon gear levels though so keep that in mind. It may be tough to roll a great core with all the affixes now. A +1000 defense armored core is also very valuable compared to a normal core.


-Slot 1+5: Armor +60 Damage enchant, Physical Damage or Energy Damage
-Slot 2,3,4: Armor Spirit or Armor Health

* Challenge Bonuses- either Strength or Energy

Infinity System Listed in priority order

1- Spirit (Mind Gem) 200 points
2- Crit Hit Rating (Mind Gem) 200 points
3- Brut Hit Rating (Power Gem) 150 points
4- Attack/Movespeed (Time Gem) 200 points
5- Crit Damage (Mind Gem) 150 points
6- Signature (Reality Gem) 200 points
7- Health (Space Gem) 500 points

From there, you can stack attributes from then on and as they get higher, toss in the proc nodes if you see fit. Also after 1-4, you can pick and choose what you want to do.

• Ant Man (Strength)
• Cable (Crit Rating)
• Captain Marvel (Energy Damage)
• Cyclops (More XP) or Storm (More Photonic Energy)
• Elektra (Physical Damage and Boss Damage)
• Gambit (Energy Stat)
• Moon Knight (Physical Crit Rating)
• Squirrel Girl (Boss Damage)
• Starlord (Energy Crit Rating)
• Thor (Physical and Energy Damage)

Green: 8% Base Health
Blue: +50 Spirit
Purple: 10% Brutal Damage
Cosmic: Ranged and Crit Damage
Unique: +3 Strength or Energy


All of the team ups out there are pretty solid. I use those who shield or buff me or taunt. Right now I am using Dr. Strange or Clea. Both the same but buff, shield, and heal along with solid dps. Sam Wilson, Wolverine, and Deadpool are also really good options.

- Use medkit, 20% damage boost
- 20% more damage to bosses/elites
- Use medkit, 100% health to team up
- Increased damage stacking for defeat (for CMM and other zones)

For rolls on the gear I look for these in order (to Team Up):

- Brutal Strike Rating
- Crit Hit Chance
- Crit Hit Damage
- Base Damage to Special Team Up Powers

If you happen to get a good one with those rolls above and have a "Benefit You" the stats you want to look for are:
- 3% Base Physical, 3% Base Energy, 3% Crit Damage