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Builds - Squirrel Girl - Balanced (Tank + DPS) Squirrel Girl Build (WIP, 11s TTK)

Durability3 Strength4 Fighting5 Speed6 Energy1 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Balanced (Tank + DPS) Squirrel Girl Build (WIP, 11s TTK) by GameFarming Last updated 2017-06-22 19:11:14
Types: Melee, PVE, MM, Terminals, Cosmic, Physical, Hybrid, Video, Danger Room
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This is still, very much, a work in progress.


June 18, 2017:

-Picked up another Ultimate Upgrade Token. This one from the ARMOR event and Jocasta.

June 18, 2017:

-Picked up another Ultimate Upgrade Token from a Mystic Mayhem Coffer. I don't remember ever getting 1 Ultimate Upgrade Token from a Mystic Mayhem Coffer before the Anniversary Event.

June 16, 2017:

-Picked up another Ultimate Upgrade Token from a Mystic Mayhem Coffer.

-Added more infinity points.

June 13, 2017:

-Picked up another two Ultimate Upgrade Tokens. Both from Mystic Mayhem Coffers. I've had some good RNG on my side recently.

June 12, 2017:

-Picked up another Ultimate Upgrade Token. This one from a Mystic Mayhem Coffer.

June 9, 2017:

-Got lucky and picked up a Cosmically Enhanced Flag of the Skrull Empire from a 4th Anniversary cake.

June 8, 2017:

-Shifted the Infinity Points back now that I have enough to get spirit to 662.

-Upgraded her Ultimate again. 

June 6, 2017:

-Shifted the Infinity Points a bit. Maxed out the crit damage and reduced the spirit by 2.

-Upgraded her Ultimate

-Updated the TTK videos

June 5, 2017:

-Changed team up from  to  for the 3% damage reduction and bonus DPS randomly or by pressing 'K'.

May 30, 2017:

-Looted a Fighting-Trifecta Catalyst.

May 18, 2017:

-Picked up another Ultimate Upgrade Token.

May 17, 2017:

-Added Cosmic Kurse TTK video.

May 3, 2017:

-Swapped out Light the Beacon! for Girl's Best Friend and Sic 'Em! for Baffling Dialogue. Figured 100% more damage from squirrels for 10s seconds is better than 100% damage on one power. Plus, we get another squirrel in Tippy Toe that provides Spirit Cost reduction and Spirit regeneration. This will help with spirit issues.

April 24, 2017:

-Looted a Cosmic Gem of the Kurse.

April 20, 2017:

-Picked up Colossus and Elektra, leveled them to 60 and changed Hawkeye and Hulk synergy to Colossus and Elektra.

-Finally added the +1 Fighting Challenge Bonus to Crossbones Tactical Vest. 

April 13, 2017:

-Picked up X-23, leveled her to 60 and changed Black Cat synergy to X-23.

-Shifted some Infinity Points in The Mind Gem. Maxed Mind Over Matter by removing some points from Mental Focus.

April 9, 2017:

-Got another Speed Trifecta to drop. This one has more defense with Signature instead of Health on Crowd Control and Spirit instead of Movement speed.

April 8, 2017:

-Updated the TTK video.

April 2, 2017:

-Finally, got a SHIELD Agent Medallion to drop.

April 1, 2017:

-Updated the Infinity Points because of the recent patch (2.07)

March 29, 2017:

-Changed the team-up from Pirate Deadpool to Groot. Also using Groot as passive for the health and defense bonuses.

-Changed Cosmic affix on Cargill's Cosmically Enhanced Rewrites to 10% Signature Cooldown Reduction.

-Swapped Cargill's Cosmically Enhanced Rewrites for Taskmaster's Fighting for Losers Guide

-Added video of this build vs General Kl'rt

March 28, 2017:

-Added video of this build vs Cosmic Ultron.

March 24, 2017:

-No longer a tank build. Just a regular build now. Not enough DPS with tank build. Especially, after the recent nerfs.

-Changed catalysts from Fighting-Health/Spirit on Medkit to Speed-Trifecta.

-Changed legendaries (swapped out Shield of Perseus for Savage Axe of Ares) to see if she can defeat bosses/dummies quicker.

-Reworked the infinity points. If I max Temporal Loophole (+25% attack speed), it only increases my sheet attack speed from 22.9% to 31.9% (+9% attack speed). If I apply only 5%, I go to 25.3% and I have enough points for 5 Speed or the equivalent of +20% damage. The rest of the points go to Move Speed as I'm not using a Dash power. I removed the points in Deep Thought (no more spirit issues) and put them in Calculated Efficiency and 4 Intelligence (for the measly 240 critical hit damage).

-Swapped out Don't Look Now! for Sic 'Em! and Girl's Best Friend for Light the Beacon!

-Swapped the Spirit enchants to Health. Added Damage enchant to Octobot Controller

March 22, 2017:

-Changed catalysts from Speed-LoH to Fighting-Health/Spirit on Medkit.



I have a lot to farm still.

1. Her Ultimate needs boosting.

2. Catalyst stinks. I've been finding trifectas, but nothing for Fighting or Speed. Spirit issues as a result. Catalyst could still use improvement. Don't have a life on hit component to the catalyst anymore, but my spirit issues should be resolved for now. Picked up a Speed Trifecta. Going to keep looking until I get a Fighting Trifecta.

3. Need to farm cosmic artifacts

4. Still need challenge bonuses on one unique.

5. Need to change enchants on some gear from spirit to health (I had them on Deadpool before). Keeping them on as I have spirit issues in sustained fights.

6. Gear can be better rolled.

7. Sling ring needs to be Physical.


Aside from that, fully buffed, Squirrel Girl's damage reduction is 71% and her effective health is 173k 59% and her effective health is around 85k 67% and her effective health is around 122k.

Squirrel Girl's offensive stats (buffed) are:

  • 59.6% Crit Chance (Ranged and Melee)
  • 353% Crit Damage
  • 41.8% Brut Chance
  • 683% Brut Damage


If you feel you need some serious defense (for running Cosmic Danger Room), then swap out Savage Axe of Ares for Shield of Perseus.

With this set up, fully buffed, Squirrel Girl's damage reduction is 77% and her effective health is around 237k.

Squirrel Girl's offensive stats (buffed) are:

  • 55.2% Crit Chance (Ranged and Melee)
  • 353% Crit Damage
  • 37.7% Brut Chance
  • 666% Brut Damage



Rotation as follows:

 three times for the dodge bonus. This also applies bleeding for . This also positions you next to the boss for melee range. Now use  to apply vulnerability. Activate ,, and . Activate  when available. Use  until cooldowns reset. Repeat. Don't forget to use medkit once it's off cooldown. Squirrel Girl still has spirit issues and the sooner you remember to use the medkit, the longer you can last without running out of spirit.


Cosmic Kurse: 1:18 TTK


Cosmic General Kl'rt: 2:18 TTK


Cosmic Ultron: 3:42 TTK


DPS Dummy: 11s TTK

Old (14s TTK)

Older (17s TTK)

Oldest (27s TTK) 


Raid Dummy: 2:19 TTK

Old 2:42 TTK 

Older 3:57 TTK



I'll have more info up later.