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Builds - Angela - Kaideh's Endgame Melee Build

Durability5 Strength5 Fighting6 Speed5 Energy1 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Kaideh's Endgame Melee Build by niiwa Last updated 2017-04-01 02:56:21
Types: EndGame, Terminals, Cosmic, Melee
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Welcome to my Angela guide. She finally received her dues and got a brand new resource to manage! Yey! She is now faster and more durable than ever!

Have in your mind that, with the "biggest update ever", lots of stuff changed and will keep changing.  For now, this is the best setup I found with my Angela and, just like before, I decided to share and I hope it makes a lot of sense for you guys and easy your journey as well. A few things to consider before upvoting/downvoting this or any other guide in this site:


  • TTK is not important anymore and hardly will be. Of course the heroes have to perform in similar ways to not be obsolite. However, with the difficulty slider as we have right and future difficulty levels being added, TTK is dead for good. For now, believe me, you'll want a mix of damage and survivability. If you go full force, you'll be melted in no time. Don't expect me to record TTK videos no more farming for bruts. Videos with gameplay? Yeah, sure, when I have free time. For now, you'll have to believe in my over 2 years of experience with this and many other games, as well as my min-max background and record of - thanks to your support - success guides who always managed to be blessed enough to help people and grab the first place in the ranking of Angela, Kitty and Emma Frost guides.
  • It's not because X item have higher stats or X artifact has a better damage, that it'll be the best in the long run. Even artifacts are subject to change. Then again, you want a mix of damage and survivability.
  • I didn't distribute all the Infinity Points that MH.info allows me and I'll not, for some time. No one have 3.000 Infinity Points, since the system is completely hard to level. I've just put it the nodes/gems/stuff you gotta focus for now, so that will save your time to figure your focus and my time to answer your questions (not that I care, the more I can help, the better!).
  • This build is and will keep being a work in progress. All of my guides are constinuous WIP, as I commit myself to keep them updated with the best items you can get for endgame. Also, if you're wondering about my rotation and if this build is really viable cosmic wise, just look below. Thank you for reading and happy gaming!







Start with Angelic Smite to knockdown your enemies and use Writhing Ribbons, Know My Name and Weep, Rage of Xiphos and Nothing for Nothing to fill your resource. Finish with your execute for some extra damage and use Hunter's Blade as a filler to help you generate your wrath ever further.