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Builds - Elektra - Shadowdance - Current TTK 2:49

Durability3 Strength3 Fighting6 Speed3 Energy1 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Shadowdance - Current TTK 2:49 by Ryven Last updated 2017-03-23 20:47:49
Types: PVE
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(1) Shadow Dance: Take this for the extra Slip Into the Shadows uptime, Quickened buff, and additional procs on Signature resets.


(2) Crushing Death: This row is pretty unappealing. We take this for the hefty buff to our damage layer.


(3) Falling Leaf Strike: Allows two core movement skills to apply Mark vulnerability. Silent Scream is a usable alternative if you aren't using the cosmic affix that resets movement skills, since you won't always be able to reapply Mark after consuming it with Behind You.


(4) Unseen/Relentless: I use Relentless Assassin most of the time, but Unseen Demise is obviously higher dps against dummies or bosses without adds.


(5) Warriors of the Chaste: You can use any talent in this row and do well. I prefer the Warriors because they give enemies a target to attack, which increases uptime on unaware damage from trait bonus. They also deal non-negligible dps, even if they aren't amazing.



If we're being honest, Elektra is a bit of a hot mess right now. Her base damage is relatively high, but she lacks the total damage multipliers you see in similar heros' kits (Psylocke or Black Cat, for example). Instead, Elektra has a stronger vulnerability (25% vs 10%) and a variety of buffs to crit chance and crit/brut damage. 


What is that supposed to mean? Damage rating increases skill damage by a percent of the skill's base damage. That means Elektra's skills scale harder from damage rating than someone with lower base damage. Most of the total damage multipliers in Elektra's kit come in the form of +50% crit and brut damage. In order to benefit from those passives, we need to maximize brutal chance. Finally, we multiply damage through Mark vulnerability, which stacks additively with other unique vulnerability ratings, for a total damage multiplier of +35%.


We can unpack this by looking closer at essential items

 This item has the equivalent of 1200 damage rating. The green crit effect is a separate crit roll. We can find our true chance to crit by calculating the chance of failing two consecutive rolls and subtracting the chance to fail from total chance. Assuming stat crit of 50% and +10% chance to crit from skill/talent, the chance of failure is 1(.4)(.7), or 28%, meaning our true chance to crit with movement powers is 72%. Mandatory.


 This gives us the equivalent of 1670 damage rating, which is enormous for a single artifact. The crit chance is icing on the cake.


 The stats on this are a bit mediocre, but the 10% vulnerability stacks with our 25% Mark vulnerability. A 10% total damage modifier ends up giving us better results than an artifact with more attractive itemization (like Flag).


 This gives a total of 2829 damage rating and attack speed. Mandatory.


This gives over 2000 damage rating, on top of 900+ crit rating, brut rating, and crit damage. Mandatory.


 Our crit chance is astronomically high, and we get CDR/BDR bonuses to quite a few skills. Unfortunately, we lose out on brut rating in a few places where we can't pass on huge amounts of damage rating. The high brut rating on Bowazon gives me more consistent results than Power Doop, but Power Doop is faster when you're lucky and slower when you're unlucky. The rule of thumb is to go with Power Doop if you get a high brut roll on your slot 2, and go with Bowazon if your slot 2 has high CDR/BDR but no brut rating.


Ideal stats are BSR, CDR, BDR with 10% chance to reset movement powers. Boss damage or +4 fighting are also good. The movement power reset is important primarily because it resets your Signature. On Sig use, we get a free Slip Into the Shadows, Quickened, 10% vulnerability, and 1000 damage rating from catalyst. With the unbreakable stealth, we're guaranteed damage bonuses to unaware targets - 20% from passive trait, and another 50% from Slip Into the Shadows.


That's a total of 3800 damage rating (or 95% increase to base damage), 25% attack speed, +50% crit and brut damage, and a 10% total damage multiplier. It's a huge damage spike!



Open with sig for reasons above > Behind You > Shadowstrike > From the Shadows > Blossom of Death


You need to complete that within 4 seconds to snapshot all the buffs into Blossom. Don't let it fall off. If it does, reapply only after using Sig.


From there, use filler and cooldowns as they come up.


Note: Most of your damage relies on Slip Into the Shadows uptime. Overlapping the active skill with the buff from signature, or using signature back-to-back on resets is a pretty big damage loss. Always wait until Slip Into the Shadows expires before using a skill that reapplies it, even if it means leaving Slip or Sig off cooldown for a couple seconds.