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Builds - Hulk - InvincibleHulk (WIP)

Durability7 Strength7 Fighting4 Speed3 Energy1 Intelligence2 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
InvincibleHulk (WIP) by MrE78 Last updated 2017-03-03 17:08:08
Types: PVE, EndGame, All, Raid, Cosmic, Danger Room
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Not much new other than I finally got 2 out of the 3 artifacts I was hunting for. Seems like there won't be much more to improve upon.

Mini update still hunting cosmic arttifacts, once I have a few more or my rerolls come out in my favor I will do a true update. 


Update 1.05 added  for slot 3 option, other minor updates




So this is a work in progress. I have had a fun time playing Hulk this way. I run cosmic DRs a lot and found that I never die nor can die with 1 exception jumping into 10+ mobs with little to no anger. 

This is more of a hybrib survival over a pure DPS build which I personally felt made Hulk feel squishy instead of Hulk like. Pure Defense build is also to exterme as you feel immortal but the DPS is to low (83% damage reduction is pretty awesome though) 

Another note is you can go gamma strike on left and puimmel on right changing Talent 4 to Hulk The Strangest One There Is!

Slot 1:

  Current contender for BiS: still in full testing

 Real close and much easier to get


Slot 2:


 easy to get


Slot 3:

 Easy to get 

  * In testing potential for BiS if you tend to solo


Slot 4:

 Easy to get another BiS


Slot 5:

 Easy to get seems BiS

  Sub par after testing. 



 Current set

 These are all options I use they tested lower while playing for TTK, however are great for TTL



 Seems BiS

 Use if feeling to squishy

 I have been testing current Rank 4 though but may be a good alternate to Savage Axe



 Found this to be BiS with Def/deflect

 Tried melee/CDR and Def/dodge

 Tried CDR with different second affix



 Works best with this build

 Solid 2nd place if you want more DPS

 option if you are missing the other two



 BiS hard to come by if you missed events

 Second best for this build or if you are just starting out with the build

 okay alternative

 Last resort medalion



 Best to use

 Good option if you are having a hard time getting Ult. Guardian


Team up:

 Active, he helps out quite a bit but sometimes throws off your rotation with server lag. 

 Great if you need a utility

 Away, when you are tired of team ups running off with enemies or making positioning a pain.



 This is needed as the build is hybrid, gotta make up the difference somewhere and relics is a great place to do it. If using as a template then choose whatever.









 Cosmic DR showing off his invincibleness:

 Cosmic DPS showing 30s TTK average ( consistent between 28-31)

 Update 1.04: Added videos showcasing Invincible Hulk

 Update 1.03: minor reformat and added various tested options

Update:1.02a added current in-game images, added new uniques with better rolls so need to farm tokens.

Update 1.02 No major changes just added ACoCC to the list of artifact that you can sub in here and there. Make note though that ACoCC can only really replace The Book of Demonicus after testings in CMM and C-DRs. But people like options so there you go. Next update will be later tonight after fully testing Gamma Strike/Pummel.

Update 1.01 Changed talent line 3 from Hulk Wreck Every thing! to Hulk Really Loud!

                      Changed Infinity's the Space Gem to have no extra Dur and dumped all in Micro-Warps ( great gains to TTL miniscule TTK loss)