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Builds - Blade - Bings 'Bloodlust' Blade Guide. (Tanky, Boss Killing Melee build. Updated 01/04/17)

Durability5 Strength5 Fighting5 Speed5 Energy1 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Bings 'Bloodlust' Blade Guide. (Tanky, Boss Killing Melee build. Updated 01/04/17) by TonyBing Last updated 2017-04-01 22:57:36
Types: PVE, EndGame, MM, Raid, Terminals, Cosmic, DPS, Melee, Physical, Video
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 Versatile build that can easily switch from boss killing to tank mode without changing any gear. Includes Weaken and Vunerability. Stats are 55% Crit Rating, 50% Brut Rating.


Cosmic Gameplay Videos:









  is our main spender. Use either  or to get in the enemies face and apply Vunerability or Weaken/Bleed (whatever one you don't use first, use next). Follow this up with  then  x2 (saving these if you're close to 10 stacks of Bloodlust). 

 is used just as we gain 10 Stacks of Bloodlust and then followed up with  for huge AOE and single target damage and 6s of Invunerability. As you're now buffed to the max due to Serum let loose all your cd skills that you have stored.

An extra honourable mention goes to  as it is fantastic for melting trash mobs as well as allowing us to quickly reposition to avoid one shot boss attacks.




 Infinity points are based on assumption that you have 1100 points which means you've gained 100 since the BUE.




 - Switching the tier 1 Talents from Never Sated to In Control will take us from Boss killing machine to uber tank in one simple mouse click.

X-Force Wolverine Team-Up (or any other Wolvie Team-up variant) works great for heroes that can apply Bleed as part of their kit.

- Although Toxin-Loaded Gauntlets uses Ammo (which we have no active way of recharging) it will be fully recharged in the time it takes for its cooldown to reset (6s).

Relic of Lemuria can work fantastic alongside Whip Lash due to how often it hits so feel free to use this until you gain Comsic Affixes on your artifacts.

- Although the Invunerability bonus on Sling Ring of the Kamar-Taj (physical) is wasted on us due to our Signature we still use it for the other stats it offers.

- Whilst we gain 4 charges of Stake Thrower through our Tier 5 Talent choice I use a Grevious Wounds Vunerability Applicator instead (Toxin-Loaded Gauntlets) as I found that using the 4 charges during the rotation was cumbersome and also left us open to attack unless we moved to ranged distance to use them.

- The 10% Signature reduction Cosmic affix along with the Patient Hunter cooldown reduction Talent will mean that our Signature will be reset just as we gain 10 stacks of Bloodlust.

- For Catalyst we want to use the Invisiblity Mystical Bonus affix. This isn't selected above as it hasn't been added yet. 

Whip Lash is a fantastic skill (one of my most favourite in the game!) and you'll want to use this to re-position and dodge enemy attacks instead of Deadly Dash as you can control the distance (Save dash for when you need to break CC).

- For the Time Gem I choose to put full points in to Movement Speed first to make the above mentioned skill (Whip Lash) even more awesome!

-At the moment My Namesake is able to one shot Cosmic bosses with its auto Brut depending on your Brut Rating and number of Bloodlust stacks so feel free to use that in the meantime with this build replacing the Killing Strokes Talent with Vicious Wounds; However, when/if this skill is 'side-graded' :P, I'd reccomend switching to Killing Strokes as the 6s Invunerability every 22 or so seconds is fantastic for a melee hero.

 - Catalyst selected is a combination of the perfect stats you want to look for.


Change Log:


- 01/04/17 - New Infinity setup added.