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Builds - Ant-Man - Bings 'Size Matters' Ant-Man Guide. (Tanky Melee build. Updated 01/04/17)

Durability4 Strength3 Fighting4 Speed4 Energy3 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Bings 'Size Matters' Ant-Man Guide. (Tanky Melee build. Updated 01/04/17) by TonyBing Last updated 2017-04-01 21:47:32
Types: PVE, EndGame, MM, Raid, Terminals, Cosmic, DPS, Melee, Physical, Video
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 Nice simple build with tons of surviability, aoe and single target damage. Includes Weaken and Vunerability. Stats are 55% Crit Rating, 45% Brut Rating and 110k Effective Health (120k when sig buff is up) with 20% chance to dodge/deflect.


Cosmic Gameplay Videos:








 is our main spender. Before engaging any enemies we hit them with  to start building ants and Weaken them. Follow this up with main rotation of  to add a dot and slow the enemies,  to buff our Ant/Shrink powers and then  followed by  (which has a 100% damage buff due to our last skill). We want to use our signature  often as it provides 25% spirit regen and a huge buff to our health (it also has a low 20s cd so don't save for bosses).




  Infinity points are based on assumption that you have 1100 points which means you've gained 100 since the BUE.




 - Aim for a spirit pool of around 600 and with sustain from Lizard's Formula and The Power Doop our 25% spirit restore every 20s on signature should be enough to prevent any spirit issues.

- For challenge bonus and Cosmic pet affix I'd keep either Speed or Intelligence (whatever you roll first) as both are great with Dodge really making a big difference when I've tested harder content.

Cobra's Hood is great as it provides a nice amount of damage as well as Vunerability which allows us to use Drone Strike in place of Red Hots which has a much smaller area of effect.

- Although we don't benefit from the Durability on Medallion of the Dark Dimension the other stats on it are great for us.

- Team-up wise I use Wasp Team-Up mainly for lore reasons. If you prefer a passive team-up Domino Team-Up can be great.

- Catalyst selected is a combination of the perfect stats you want to look for.

- Size doesn't really matter!


Change Log:


- 01/04/17 - New Infinity setup added.