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Builds - Star-Lord - Bings 'Fire Barrage' Star-Lord Guide. (Ranged AOE build. Updated 01/04/17)

Durability4 Strength3 Fighting5 Speed4 Energy6 Intelligence5 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Bings 'Fire Barrage' Star-Lord Guide. (Ranged AOE build. Updated 01/04/17) by TonyBing Last updated 2017-04-28 13:36:39
Types: PVE, EndGame, MM, Raid, Terminals, Cosmic, DPS, AoE, DoT, Energy, Ranged, Video
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Fire Elemental build with amazing AOE damage. Additional options for adding another loader skill for more single target focused damage detailed in notes section below. Stats are 57% Crit Rating (62% on our main spender), 50% Brut Rating and includes Vulnerability and Weaken. 


Cosmic Gameplay Videos:











Firstly when loading to a new zone make sure to load some Fire ammo with  is our main spender. We follow this up with  for Vunerability and dot,  for Weaken and some CC,  for flat damage ,  (to refresh ammo and also this is a huge AOE clearer ) finishing rotation with . We then restart rotation and as long as we have around 800ish spirit and 15% spirit reduction we can maintain our spender and keep Elemental Ammo up in time for  refeshing.

 as with most signatures is used as and when required.




Infinity points are based on assumption that you have 1100 points which means you've gained 100 since the BUE.




 - I initially played around with having a single target loader (Earth) and AOE target loader (Fire), however even with out high CR/BR Earth ammo was only very slightly ahead and certainly not enough to make up for the great AOE on Fire Ammo. In time with Omega Gear and Higher CR/BR we should see the benefits of the added CDR/BDR on Earth Ammo and at that point I'd drop Strafe for the added option of Single target or AOE damage.

- Until you gain defensive Cosmic affixes you may wish to use Relic of Lemuria as it works great with the high AS/AOE effect on our main spender.

- We use Coat of the Skull as our slot 3 as whilst his own slot 3, The Legendary Outlaw's Coat is great, we see better returns from the BR rather than the CR as we are already hitting high diminshing returns with it.

- Team-up is Gamora Team-Up simply for the fact she looks great with Peter! If you prefer a passive Team-up Iron Man Mark II Team-Up can work great.

 - Catalyst selected is a combination of the perfect stats you want to look for.


Change Log:


- 01/04/17 - New Infinity setup added.