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Builds - Beast - Dirame's Agile Beatdown [A No-Spender Build for CDR/CMM/Raids]

Durability4 Strength4 Fighting5 Speed4 Energy1 Intelligence6 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Dirame's Agile Beatdown [A No-Spender Build for CDR/CMM/Raids] by Dirame Last updated 2017-07-17 22:57:03
Types: PVE, EndGame, All, Leveling, MM, Raid, Terminals, Cosmic, DPS, AoE, DoT, Energy, Melee, Physical, Video, Danger Room
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VIDEO GUIDE: For those who don't like reading



UPDATE 9/07/17:

**NOTE:** Gaz devs have fixed the Cosmic Movement Affix and it now only gives 1 stack to every movement ability. Makes the build slower but not bad.

For those who want a faster cooldown on their abilities. You can switch the  Legendary Norn Stones to the Salvaged Alien Weapon (if you can get one) and switch the talent in the last row to Raging Beast instead of Lightshow.





This build focuses on Beast's movement to the Nth degree. It's a high mobility build that has no main spender. Instead you'll be spending most of your momentum on Grappling-hook Slam and one piece of gear helps you keep this high mobility/no spender build going;

If you can get yourself a slot 4 piece of gear with Brutal rating, crit damage,Brut damage (brutal rating is the most important affix) AND the movement power reset affix, then you'll be ready to take on any content in this game with ease.

Let's take a look at the other ways I augment this build below;




ROTATION: Deploy Adhesive Drone -> Use Medkit and Frenzied Lunge x 4 while waiting for Adhesive Drone to land -> when Adhesive drone lands Use Electro-Catalyst -> Savage Somersault -> Blue Beatdown -> Unleash the Beast -> Blue Beatdown -> Grappling Hook Slam -> Agile Tumble through your target and Savage Somersault back towards that target and chain this with your other skills as they come off cooldown.


  • FRENZIED LUNGE: This ability when use 4 times, enters you into a frenzied state, giving you 10% more crit rating and damage and granting you max momentum.


  • AGILE TUMBLE: This is your dash power. It makes you invulnerable while the animation is active and the animation is actually a tiny bit longer than most other characters I feel. It grants you 10% more momentum on use so I tend to use this in combination with Savage Somersault to keep Beast mobile whilst also generating more momentum to use Grappling Hook Slam.


  • SAVAGE SOMERSAULT: This skill applies a bleed that is only active when you're above 50% Mometum, making it important for you to be above 50% momentum a lot of the time.


  • BLUE BEATDOWN: Only accessible through the Talent of the same name, this skill makes you invulnerable while you use it and it summons Nightcrawler to come in and deal a bit more damage alongside you.


  • GRAPPLING-HOOK SLAM or FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES: One of your main damaging abilities. It reduces the damage you take whilst the animation is playing, making it extremely good for tanky builds as well as damage builds. Friend's in High places deals quite a bit more damage but you need the 3rd Talent in the first Row (also called Friends in High Places) in order to use it. This locks you out of Problem Solver which drops the cooldown on your brain powers. Problem Solver has proven to be more damaging over several tests but, if you like seeing big numbers then Friend's in High places is for you.


  • ELECTRO-CATALYST: A near instant skills that allows you to overcharge your drones so that they activate secondary abilities. For instance, Adhesive Drone, applies chemical fire to all targets caught in it's area.


  • UNLEASH THE BEAST: This is your signature power. When used with the Talent; Lightshow, you call down Jubilee to add some AoE energy damage over time to your power. This power makes up quite a bit of your damage.


  • DEPLOY ADHESIVE DRONE Allows Beast to apply vulnerability without needing to stay in one place for too long, making it easier to keep him alive. Using Electro-Catalyst on this item will cause a Chemical fire DoT on targets within the area.



  • PROBLEM SOLVER or FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES: This helps you reduce the cooldown on your Grappling-Hook slam when you use other brain powers. This makes it so that you can Grapple-Hook slam more often, use Electro-Catalyst more often and use Adhesive Drone with it's chemical fire more often as well. You can decide to use Friends in High Places but constant testing has proven that problem solver is more consistent and reliable especially when you're not using a spender.


  • BLUE BEATDOWN This talent gives you access to the skill Blue Beatdown that summons Nightcrawler.


  • UNCANNY ACROBATICS: Gives you two extra uses to Savage Somersault and allows you to stack the bleed twice.


  • LEAVE NONE BEHIND Grants you extra 10% health in combat and 1% health regen every second. You can choose any of the other talents in this line.


  • LIGHTSHOW or RAGING BEAST: For those who want a faster cooldown on their abilities. You can switch the  Legendary Norn Stones to the Salvaged Alien Weapon (if you can get one) and switch the talent in the last row to Raging Beast instead of Lightshow. Raging beast will give all  your cooldowns 50% reduction for 15s which will help you continue your combo for a long time.

  • Lightshow allows you to summon Jubilee to help you light things up. It increases your damage without directly increasing your damage, which I think it's pretty smart design by Gaz. You can also use the other talent in this line called Raging Beast. Raging Beast would give you 30% dodge chance when you use your signature ability and a 50% cooldown reduction for 15s and this would help the continuous flow of movement that Beast has.


  • MIND GEM: 20 points into Intelligence. 100 points into Deep Thought to improve the damage of Grappling-Hook Slam.


  • POWER GEM: 75 Points into Strike Through


  • REALITY GEM: After putting points elsewhere, put whatever is left into Potency.


  • SOUL GEM: 6 points into Fighting. Fighting might give you more crit chance but the crit chance gained from stacking fighting isn't substantial enough to make it more important than intelligence.


  • SPACE GEM: Nothing needed here.


  • TIME GEM: Nothing needed here.


SLOT 1 - 5 ENCHANTMENTS: SLOT 1 & 5: +60 dmg SLOT 2,3,4: +150 defence CHALLENGE BONUS: +1 Intelligence

  • SLOT 1:  Bow of Einherjar Some players use Fragment of Twilight or his unique, but Bow of Einherjar provides you with 32% more damage with it's +4 Intelligence and +4 Fighting. On top of all that, there's a proc on the item that can deal up to 3.7mil brutal damage every 30s. That's pretty good for a 30s cooldown. And since you get a ton of critical damage by stacking Intelligence, it's best to actually stack brutal damage so there's no need for FoT. That said, you can replace this with  Dust of Death (gotten from any boss)  Fragment of Twilight, His own slot 1, or  Kirigi's Katana (Where to Acquire: From the Muspelheim Raid or you can craft this by buying the Asgardian Ingot from the vendor in Odin's Palace behind the Storage vault)

  • SLOT 2:  Kraven's Lion Vest This provides an amazing amount of damage for Beast.  X-Men Body suit(from Danger Room vendor)(Where to Acquire: From beating Kraven in any mode)

  • SLOT 3:  Uncanny X-Men Shorts This is his Slot 3, no need to change it (Where to Acquire: From beating any boss)

  • SLOT 4: Cosmic Scientific Labcoat With Brutal rating (very important), Brutal damage, Critical Damage with the "8% chance to reset movement powers" reset affix


  • SLOT 5:  Scientific Ball of Yarn: This is his Slot 4, no need to change it.

ARTIFACTS: COSMIC AFFIXES RANKINGS FROM MOST IMPORTANT TO LEAST: 10% signature cooldown, 150 spirit in combat, +1 to all Attributes

  •  Cosmically Enhanced Mental Focus Headband: If you can get a Cosmically enhanced Headband then make sure to get the 10% signature. This can be replaced with  Cosmically Enhanced Broken Crown (from cosmic Loki in Industry City Patrol) or Cosmically Enhanced Kevlar Plated Helmet (From cosmic Crossbones). (Where to Acquire From defeating Cosmic Modok in Terminals or Industry City Patrol)

  • Cybernetic Implant: This gives you 1500 damage rating when you drop below 15% momentum, making it very good for boosting damage. You can replace this with  Kevlar Plated Helmet or Crossbones Teaching Credentials (Where to Acquire: From defeating any boss in the game)

  •  Advanced Circlet of Cyttorak: Applies a good amount of damage to Beast whilst also giving you a chance to gain a 15,000 damage shield which stacks with all your other shields as far as I'm aware and doesn't replace them.(Where to Acquire: From defeating Juggernaut in any mode) It also gives good brut rating. Can be replaced with Crossbones Teaching Credentials or  Cosmically Enhanced Broken Crown.

  • Glinting Einherjar Brooch: This artifact gives you a lot of damage alongside it's crit rating. You can replace it with (can be replaced with  Sabretooth's Furry Mane,  Gem of the Kursed,  Edge of Infinity)(Where to Acquire: From the vendor in Lower Asgard, after doing the event A Sacred Door. The vendor spawns after you successfully defend the door. The door can be found at the North-west corner of the Lower Asgard map)

MEDALLION: - War Skrull Medallion, Madame Hydra.


SALVAGED ALIEN WEAPON:  This Legendary won't give you the crazy amount of defence that Norn Stones can give you but it will definitely allow you to have a smoother rotation with your 3 main abilities; Frenzied Lunge, Grappling Hook Slam and Savage Somersault. With the 25% cooldown reduction to movement powers, this Legendary is a good contender for to spot in place of Norn Stones.

NORN STONES:  This is what I'm currently using and it's mainly used for the Shielding that it provides when you drop below 50% health. The shielding saves your life from large spikes and since it boosts your damage, it allows you to really pump up the damage.

This legendary can be used as well due to the fact that this build uses more Physical skills than Energy skills.

RELIC:  Gibborim

The Power Doop (Where to Acquire: Get this from Moondragon for Cosmic Worldstones. You can get Cosmic Worldstones during the Cosmic Chaos event)

INSIGNIA: Spiderman or Wonderman (Where to Acquire: From any boss or mob that's willing to let you have it.)

RING: Midtown Guardian Signet (Where to Acquire: Midtown Monday)


Great for increasing damage on your skills.

Great for tanking a bunch of enemies.