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Builds - Kitty Pryde - Please, be my Kitty! [UPDATED]

Durability3 Strength2 Fighting5 Speed2 Energy2 Intelligence5 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Please, be my Kitty! [UPDATED] by renatodelgador Last updated 2017-09-12 07:32:06
Types: PVE, EndGame, All, Cosmic, Raid, TTK, Melee
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Hello my friends!
This is a very easy and fun guide to build the cute and awesome Kitty Pryde ;)


To start: Surely you ask yourself "Why you not worry so much about defense?", This is because with this build you will have 3 skills with invulnerability, and everything is about dodge and hit. I'll explain later. Remember, be smart and play safe ;)


Strategist  -  Fighting/Intelligence



Well, let me believe in Gem of the Kursed, this is a solid choice if you have a well rolled one.

Flag of the Skrull Empire is a solid choice cz that +3 fighting (+12% base damage), +300 base damage and 800 and critics/brutals.... well i don't need to explain why this is a very good option.

Sabretooth's Furry Mane will provide critics when you hit with PIROUETTE (bleed skill)

 The Broken Crown, solid choice.



Spider-Clone Serum for more sustain.

Superior Spider-Mask.

Edge of Infinity a well rolled one is a good option instead of any artifact from above.

The Book of Eibon (melee), i don't recomend this but you can use it until you have a better artifact.

Mental Focus Headband well, the only reason I chose this artifact is because power radius and +5 intelligence. Again, use it only if you dont have any artifact from above.



Savage Axe of Ares the best choice.



Kraven's Lion Vest is THE BEST CHOICE instead of his own unique (of course you need a well rolled one).

Standard Issue X-Men Uniform can works until you get a well rolled Kraven's.



Blessing of Hogun x4 or Blessing of Hela x4 for more burst

Blessing of BalderBlessing of VolstaggBlessing of Hogun and Blessing of Odin for more sustain, also gives +1 to all attributes (+8% base damage to all your skills) and +3% base damage vs bosses.



 Allfather's Fury (well balanced and solid choice)
 Lunar Eclipse or  Viking Gladiator.

 The Power Doop good brutals but you gonna need to sacrifice some defense. (I choose this one now cuz i got all cosmic artifacts and i can get some defense from them).



 Sling Ring of the Kamar-Taj (melee) or  Sling Ring of the Kamar-Taj (physical) are solid choices, gives crits and also invulnerability when you sig. 
These two in case you don't have Midtown's or Kamar-Taj rings:  Industry City Signet (melee) or  Industry City Signet (physical).



 Relic of Atlantis: Best choice, you know why.
 Relic of Asgard: Also works.
 Relic of Subterranea: For more tankyness.


 any of these had good passives, but  or  are better if you want an active Team-Up.



Everything is about dodge and hit.

Start with Shadowcat's Pirouette, this activates +500 crit hit for Sabretooth Furry Mane.

Then start hitting with Disciplined Strike (your spender and movement skill), with this you recieve 30% base damage from Midtown Guardian's Signet.

Keep hitting and use Watch Your Step followed by  Phasing Samurai whenever available.

When you feel ready, use Just a Phase and inmediately Phased Out (signature skill), this provides to you with +25% total damage for a few seconds.

Finish with Logan-Style. (Also you can use it whenever available)

REMEMBER: Just a Phase must be used only before signature or ultimate.

Skills with invulnerability: Watch your step, Phasing samurai, Just a phase and Phased Out.