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Builds - Iron Fist - Secret to Forever: Hybrid Dragon Leopard

Durability3 Strength3 Fighting7 Speed3 Energy3 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Secret to Forever: Hybrid Dragon Leopard by ZhelyezniKulak Last updated 2017-09-14 03:57:30
Types: EndGame, Hybrid, All, Raid, Mental, Physical
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This is a build I use for Iron Fist that seems to work out well for me. First I want to justify some of my decisions going in by saying that I do not bother with min/maxing. It does enough damage and has around 55% damage reduction and 100k-120k effective health in combat. I enjoy maxing dodge as high as I can so feel free to disregard that. Also I do not like having Strength as a stat so I do not equip it much.

Overview of some base stats in combat with minions and the boss.

- Damage Rating: 115%-125%
- Main Attributes: 50-55 Fighting and 18-23 Strength
- Crit Hit: 59-61% depending on minion kills, higher with Crimson Hammer or Siege buff active.
- Crit Damage: 330%
- Brutal Strike: 53%, higher with Crimson Hammer talent active
- Brutal Damage: 630%
- Attack Speed: 25%

- Overall Damage Reduction: 51-53%
- Health: 36,000
- Dodge: 20%
- Defense Rating: 8.4%
- Health on Hit: 1134
- Passive Heath Regen: 237/s

Power Tips:

- When starting combat use Leopard Stance (LS), Dragon Stance (DS), Chi Blast (CB), Fury of Five Hundred Fists (FFHF), Seven Armies Sundered (SAS) then Like Unto Iron (LUI), FFHF and SAS while Crimson Hammer buff is active then either of the Stance Openers. The biggest thing to remember is always use FFHF and SAS right after LUI since they are always refreshed and ready.
- Chi Blast adds damage, also has a stun, which means with Batroc's Boots, all of his moves have at least a chance for a stun. Great for large crowds and positioning, also when standing back to avoid a move. I use this more often than his basic melee attack.
- Seven Armies Sundered Dragon Stance shield synergizes well with high health amounts since it scales, also is amazing if you can time it to avoid an aoe effect.
- With Jessica Jones as a team-up, be looking for her gravity pull. FFHF does amazing damage when everyone gets pulled into that area.
- Fury of Five Hundred Fists is a great way to jump back to target or behind the target when they are going to blast forwards.
- Crimson Hammer and the Cosmic Signature effect make burst right after using Like Unto Iron very effective. This works well since he resets cooldowns on all his abilities.
- After using his ult, spamming Like Unto Iron does not seem to work well after a few hits. I suggest using Like Unto Iron, Fury of Five Hundred Fists, your next stance, and then repeat. Keeping both stances up will provide near 100% invuln time and allow you to use Fury of Five Hundred Fists over and over again.
- If you are getting overwhelmed, dash to the outside ring of where the enemies are and use Chi Blast. Stuns and does good damage.
- If you choose items that drops Like Unto Iron cd down below 20 seconds, Crimson Hammer talent will only work every other time due to a 20 second cd, so be careful.


- So far my absolute favorite team-up is Jessica Jones. She has good cc, plenty durable, and if you use her vortex pull with Chi Blast or Like Unto Iron, it rips through everything in one compact place.


- Loki, Cable, Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, Moonknight, Wolverine, War Machine, Mr Fantastic, Ant Man, Spider-Man
- Psylocke, Iron Fist, She Hulk, Nightcrawler, Colossus are also good durable options.
- I pick a good neutral damage and dodge.

Infinity Gems:

- Overall: I am running this off of a 1000 Infinity Point Bank. I am right at the edge of that and will continue to update it past that.
- Soul: I chose the Fighting Node for +6 which is fun, if you need it Strike Through is a solid second choice for Iron Fist in general.
- Power: Superhuman, Brute Chance is always good. Also it is a flat addition so it kinda raises the curve making it easier to reach higher levels. I have started investing in Brute Dmg after this with extra points.
- Time: Speed Attribute helps with Aoe dmg and dodge. Best choice in my opinion on this build with Flow Like the River talent covering attack speed.
- Space: Gravity Well, max health makes the dragon shield work better.
- Reality: Potency, Sig Damage is an amazing investment on IF.
- Mind: The 5% crit chance is a flat rate and worth the expensive investment.
- So far all extra points have been invested in the Fighting Node. It just seems like the best choice still.


- I switched to all blessings of Hela in order to raise Brutal Strike enough. Still want to go back to one of each, but staying with this for now.
- Cosmic affixes that I use: 15% chi cost reduction, 1500 Dodge Rating, 10% off sig cd, and +1 to all attributes. Heath regen per second is great, if you use a lot of Strength then deflect is good, total defense is not bad either simply depending on what type of defense you want, 150 chi is great if you want to use that to balance Like the River talent without Mkrann.
- Spider Clone Serum: It has Fighting, health, dodge, brutal strike rating and physical damage (i prefer untyped but whatever). Just solid for damage and durability.
- Siege's Targeting System: Solid damage all around with a good burst of damage. Helps get Brutal Strike up since the Uniques don't provide much.
- Crossbones Teaching Credentials: I like the new cosmic version, solid damage item.
- Gem of the Kursed: Just solid damage. If you have a better idea go for it.


- All have +1 Fighting enhancement and Slot 1 and 5 have the Armor Attack Speed Upgrade, Slot 2, 3, and 4 have Armor Health Upgrade.
- Fragment of Twilight. Way better than his hammer. All stats are higher except attack speed which this build doesn't need.
- X-Men Uniform: Can be rerolled in the vendor so it saves you money. I like the dodge, lots of fighting and other stats
- Orson Randall's Bandoliers: His 3rd slot is the best. You can keep 2 stacks active at all times which is great and is just a solid unique.
- Boots of Batroc: Hard to find and roll so don't use unless you have a good pair or don't mind rerolling. I choose it for the +3 Fighting, +3 Speed and +1 all. This means that it ends with +4 Fighting, +4 Speed and +1 Strength. I believe that is only one less than his standard Unique when you combine all the Fighting and Strength for each. I consider this a good enough exchange for the higher dodge and reduced area damage. Also it provides a knockdown on melee, which is a good portion of the build.
- Hood of Bihar: Solid and not a bad choice. Allows for Chi Burst on his dash to last longer.


- Legendary: Mkrann Crystal-Mainly use for the extra Chi. If you have enough from the Infinity points, then other option are the Gungnir or Shield of Perseus. Gungnir is a good hybrid damage, but lacks durability, Shield just lacks the offensive edge but great defense. Mkrann is kinda in the middle.
- Relics: Atlantis which is what everyone chooses. If you are balancing chi, you can use Gibborom and move the crit damage somewhere else. Another option if Life on Hit with Lemuria.
- Uru-Forged: I use Power Doop. Iron Fist can hold two effects with this build which means chi return, base damage and brute damage.
- Core: Ideal is +3 Fighting, Health on hit or passive, Medkit healing, Chi, Health Shield Cosmic Affix, and Invis on low health or 500 Health on being hit for trait.
- Pet: I chose +5% Dodge (+8% health is great too if you aren't a dodge fan), +50 Chi, +10% Brute Damage, +4% Brute Dmg and Crit Dmg on dodge, +3 Fighting.
- Insignia: I like Captain America, She Hulk, Shang-Chi, Iron Fist, or Daredevil but it depends on who you want to help out. I like the stats being crit hit, crit damage, health, dodge, or chi. Whatever floats your boat. I currently use She Hulk with cdr and dodge
- Medallion: Skrull Medallion of Bravery. Chi and health recovery, helps with brute, and the extra affix provides higher crit chance than Shield Medallion and slightly less crit damage. As far as I can tell it is best choice. Also when using medkits, it is almost matches everything on Shield Medallion
- Ring: Xavier's Class Ring for Mental/Physical. Considering an offensive ring with +3 Fighting and brutal strike rating (once it exists). Also looking to try a health, dodge and defense rating defensive ring.

Still working on:
- Still looking for the perfect armored core (that will never end)
- Checking an offensive ring replacement