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Builds - Storm - Chain Lightning 50K HP Lockdown (Balanced) Storm (4/3/17)

Durability3 Strength2 Fighting4 Speed5 Energy6 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Chain Lightning 50K HP Lockdown (Balanced) Storm (4/3/17) by Hulkstermania Last updated 2017-04-03 21:54:10
Types: PVE, EndGame, Terminals, Cosmic, AoE, Energy, Ranged
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TALENT UPDATE: This has been updated on 4/3/17 Big changes will be highlighted in bold, to show the greatest changes.

Current for Nick Fury/Infinity 1.1 Release

With the Talent Update Storm is now viable and is extremely good. I am building Storm to utilize lightning for most of her abilities and ensuring that the Tempest buff is up 100% of the time.

Her Energy/Speed Archetype makes her gearing somewhat limited but the options she has are top notch. There is a lot of Speed options out there right now but some of the generic artifacts fill the gaps for now. Also, she is now using a new resource- Tempest. No longer do we have to worry about spirit management with Storm. Tempest fills at a rate and it decays at a rate. Once Tempest hits 100%, we get a huge buff and other abilities are able to be used.

Through testing you need around ~1425 total Tempest to keep it up 100% of the time (~1200 with Healing Winds or Acid Rain specialization). You can get it from pretty much anywhere (Insignia, Relics, Core, etc). Anything less doesn’t seem to keep it up all the time. Also, “on hit” or “less cost” doesn’t seem to benefit Storm (not sure if that is a bug) but Tempest goes up and down at the same rate. So the only way to get Tempest buff up all the time is to have a large enough pool to refresh it when the signature comes off of cooldown.

Lots of new things coming down the pipe so I will do my best to keep this guide updated.

Updated Character Outlook

In Combat:

Balanced TTK 2:18


* Row 1- Flash and Thunder For More Lightning damage)
* Row 2- Lightning Tempest (For Crit Rating and a Lightning dot- note this is a whole screen layer)
* Row 3- Storm Vortex (More damage and continuous pulling effect)
* Row 4- Billion Volt Strike (Powerful Lightning cooldown skill)
* Row 5- Fury of the Storm- (To get all other element procs)

Why these skills?

This build focuses on utilizing her signature to group everything up, toss down a bunch of layers down, continually slowing them, and utilizing Chain Lightning (for aoe)/Electrocute (single target) and the other lightning skills to do really solid DPS. With the grouping from Vortex, Chain Lightning constants bruts and the layers of Hail, Lightning Storm, Tornadoes, and the Lightning tempest do significant damage. Also with the grouping it makes soloing waves very easy especially since you are ranged. Chain Lightning also doesn’t have to be targeted, so just hold right click and it hits anything in the range automatically. Another benefit of Chain Lightning is that it takes care of all that annoying trash around you without ever leaving your focus from the boss.

Electrocute is another good option but lacks with the aoe as the arc lightning doesn't do that much damage.

Storm is also incredibly tanky for a ranged hero and an easy dash here or there and a medkit once in a great while is great for her to stay alive.

Skill Rotation

* Use Typhoon to group everything up and instantly fill your Tempest.
* Use Crashing Hail for the dot and slow.
* Use Lightning Storm for the vulnerability and the dot layer.
* Use Storm Surge on cooldown
* Use Sudden Tornadoes to add another dot layer
* Use Billion Volt Strike on cooldown for some nice burst DPS
* Finally use Chain Lightning as the filler

The rotation is very simple and easy and it gives you the ability to focus on the screen and staying alive instead of staring at a bar waiting for cooldowns and such. I find this build to be extremely fun and easy to play. Group members love it as well as their dps increases as Storm’s signature pulls everything in and lets them focus on one area.

Gear- BiS in bold, alternatives listed next

Slot 1- Fragment of Twilight, Lady Hellfire's Talon, Heavily Modified Mercenary Assault Rifle, Bands of the Skybreaker

Slot 2- Portal’s Darkhawk Armor

Slot 3- Cloak of the Sky Goddess, Coat of the Skull

Slot 4- Hydra Repulsor Boots, Punk Rock Leather Go Go Boots, Batroc's Savate Boots, Nissanti Boots

Slot 5- Essence of Jinn

Legendary Item- Cosmic Control Rod, Apollo's Bow,  Level 70-  Cosmic Control Rod

Ring- Energy Sling Ring, ICP Energy Ring

Insignia- Quicksilver (+Crit Rating/Ranged, Crit Damage), Wasp, Weapon X, Phoenix

Relic- Gibborim (to get to needed Tempest level), Atlantis

Runeword- Bowazon on either Energy or Defense Uru, Power Doop

Medallion- Dr. Doom, Onslaught Medal, Pyro, Ultron

With Cosmic Artifacts being released, we have a new dynamic. We essentially have 2 version of "best in slot" when it comes to artifacts, as well as some being mixed and matched.

The new Cosmic Affixes make Cosmic artifacts a ton more powerful compared to their normal versions, along with the increased roll ranges to make them easier to roll. With that said, there will be 2 versions published for best in slot, one with all artifacts, and one with just all cosmic. We will all need to farm these as Cosmic versions are not tradeable at this time so some mixing and matching will take place.

Cosmic Artifacts:

Affixes we want:
* +1 All Attributes
* 10% Reduced Signature Time
* 150 Spirit
* +2000 Health

The defensive options are nice if you can't get one of the above ones to reroll for now, but the ones above are much better options. The Ultimate cooldown is kind of gimmicky, and the less cost reduction doesn't work in this case. The extra spirit will make getting to the right amount of Tempest a lot easier and open up gearing options.

Top Cosmic Artifacts:

* Crossbones Teaching Credentials
* Gem of the Kursed
* Wrist Mounted Laser Projection Unit
* Black Tom's Shillelagh (Balanced) / Skrull Energy Rifle (Offensive) / Cyclops was Right T Shirt (Area)

Top Normal Artifacts:

* Crossbones Teaching Credentials
* Edge of Infinity
* Cylcops Was Right T Shirt
* Gem of the Kursed

Like I said before, you will most likely be mixing and matching these until you have all Cosmic artifacts. I have also added a column in my spreadsheet to track Cosmic versions of artifacts going forward.

Blessings- Loki or Hela

Catalyst- 50% Shield is a must, then from there I would recommend any of the following:
* Life on Hit
* Energy
* Health
* +Tempest

Medkit is really no longer needed since it doesnt generate a significant amount. This may change upon gear levels though so keep that in mind. It may be tough to roll a great core with all the affixes now. A +1000 defense armored core is also very valuable compared to a normal core.


-Slot 1+5: Armor +100 Area Damage, Energy Damage
-Slot 2,3,4: Armor Spirit, Armor Health

* Challenge Bonuses- either Speed or Energy

Infinity System Listed in priority order

1- Spirit (Mind Gem) 200 points
2- Crit Hit Rating (Mind Gem) 200 points
3- Brut Hit Rating (Power Gem) 150 points
4- Attack/Movespeed (Time Gem) 200 points
5- Crit Damage (Mind Gem) 150 points
6- Signature (Reality Gem) 200 points
7- Health (Space Gem) 500 points

From there, you can grab Energy or Speed nodes. The procs arent too attractive even at 50 ranks (18k proc at max rank) and Brutal Damage per point is bad compared to the attribute option.

• Cable
• Squirrel Girl
• Angela
• Iceman
• Human Torch
• Captain Marvel
• Starlord
• Iron Man
• Cyclops
• Gambit

Green: 8% Base Health
Blue: +50 Spirit
Purple: 10% Brutal Damage
Cosmic: 4% Ranged and Critical Damage
Unique: +3 Speed or Energy


All of the team ups out there are pretty solid. I use those who shield or buff me or taunt. Right now I am using Dr. Strange or Clea. Both the same but buff, shield, and heal along with solid dps. Sam Wilson, Wolverine, and Deadpool are also really good options.

- Use medkit, 20% damage boost
- 20% more damage to bosses/elites
- Use medkit, 100% health to team up
- Increased damage stacking for defeat (for CMM and other zones)

For rolls on the gear I look for these in order (to Team Up):

- Brutal Strike Rating
- Crit Hit Chance
- Crit Hit Damage
- Base Damage to Special Team Up Powers

If you happen to get a good one with those rolls above and have a "Benefit You" the stats you want to look for are:
- 3% Base Energy, Ranged Damage, 3% Crit Damage