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Builds - Thor - Astyy's God Of Thunder | Hybrid | TTK(1:28) and Cosmic Ultron Vids | Melee TTK (1:33)

Durability6 Strength7 Fighting5 Speed5 Energy6 Intelligence2 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Astyy's God Of Thunder | Hybrid | TTK(1:28) and Cosmic Ultron Vids | Melee TTK (1:33) by Astyy Last updated 2017-04-04 18:29:59
Types: Raid, EndGame, PVE, Terminals, Cosmic, DPS, TTK, Danger Room
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TTK 1:28 (Cosmic Artifacts) Patch 2.07


Cosmic Ultron Patch 2.07


TTK 2m (Regular Artifacts)


Melee 1:33 TTK (Exactly the same gear, talents and infinity setup, just use the basic instead of Crack the Sky)


 All the time, then                                    





Legendaries:  if you re having any trouble surviving, you may as well use Shield of Perseus. On actual gameplay(patrols and cosmic terminals) you wont notice any difference!!! It will allow you to stay still in almost every situation. The damage output on this build, relies mostly on the power duration, so if you re not trying to min/max, shield will be just as awesome.


Team Up:  I very often use clea/dr strange, rescue, iron man, king thor, beta ray bill... i used coulson on the vid just for the ttk, cause he does the most damage. But for actuall gameplay, you wont notice any difference. Just use the TU you like better, or that provides you with the most utility(clea/dr strange, rescue, iron man).


Artifacts:  If you dont have the Cosmic Artifacts yet, you shoudl go with       . This is the setup i used on my 2m ttk video. As for the Cosmic Artifacts, I m always changing them. Still trying to figure out the best setup. Also, if you already have any of the above artifacts with a -15% spirit cost, you should remove all the points from Spirit Cost Reduction on Infinity System, an put them on Intelligence or life per second(if you feel like you need it). Already switched Cosmic UEB for Cosmic CTC cause CUEB is getting nerfed! I ll update with the bis artifacts once i get all the tests done considering the animations  changes too.


The Build Itself: So, the thing to remember here is that this build  relies on Power Duration(PD). PD is the stat that allows us to keep For Asgard up as long as It s possible, providing us with 100% crit and bonus damage for Godly Smites for like 80% of the time!!! With that in mind, you may replace any item on the build, as long as the item you re choosing offers some PD.

                          Crack the Sky: The 3+ attacks per second allows us to keep almost 100% uptime on the Essence of Jinn proc(+9 energy), wich is a huge damage boost, plus it allows us to keep DPSing all the time!!!

                          Leaping Smite: With only 3sec cooldown, it should be easy to keep the Midtown Signet damage bonus up all the time.


Insignias: I find myself very often switching between Captain America, Mockinbird and Wolverine insigs. Choose the one you think you re performing better with.


Medallion: Doctor Doom or WarSkrull! You ll be fine with either.


Pet: For the Green Affix: 8% life is just the best one, for the Blue Affix: 5% move speed, since we should have no trouble with spirit, ro the Epic Affix: 10% Brut damage, for the Cosmic Affix: 15% power radius and 4% damage for 10sec after you use a signature power( it stacks with PD!!!), finally, for the Unique Affix: +3 Energy.


Challenge Bonuses and Pet Affix: Why stacking Energy instead of Strength? Obviously both Str and Ene give us the same damage, but Energy reduces the damage we take from ranged attacks, while Strength just increases our Deflect multiplier. So it seems to me so far, that Energy is a little bit ahead when it comes to defensive stats.


Catalyst: The Mystical Bonus I m actually using, is the one that makes us invisible when we reach something like 15% HP, but i couldn t find it here. It doesn t really make a big difference tho.


Infinity Points: I m using 1k points here, cause I think It s kindda a middle ground. I currently have something around 1.3k points.

                        Why stacking Intelligence on Infinity System? Because all the other nodes on Mind Gem are useless, unless you need some Spirit Cost Reduction. Intelligence gives us Cooldown reduction on medkits and some Crit Damage.



I ll do my best to keep this guide updated! As soon as I have the cosmic  artifacts all figured out, I ll post here the best choices.

Any doubts or questions, please feel free to ask here and I ll do my best to answer.

Good Luck out there boys


For Asgard!


Edit: PATCH 02/23/2017: Cosmic UEB nerfed, so I replaced it with CTC.

                   26/02/2017: DoomSaw replacing ILAS. Dommsaw is amazing in this build! If you have one, go for it!


Note: 04/04/17: Infinity updated!

                         Priority: Crit Damage, then Brut chance, brut damage, attack speed, then all the rest on energy.