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Builds - Storm - Bob's endgame Storm 1:21/1:25

Durability3 Strength2 Fighting4 Speed5 Energy6 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Bob's endgame Storm 1:21/1:25 by bobovindo Last updated 2017-11-25 03:10:35
Types: Cosmic, Raid, EndGame, DPS, Video, TTK, Terminals, AoE, Energy, Ranged, PVE
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Farewell dear Stormtroopers!

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Main goal:

To show that we have a couple of viable choices with Storm after BUE and build diversity!


       I'm presenting a high dps build focused on Electrocute or Microburst as a main filler. We gonna have 100% uptime on the Tempest resource to get the 20% dmg & attack speed boosts and these are no joke! We also can leave a spot where we sync Storm Surge CD with our signature. Both ways are viable and pretty damn damaging so suit yourself and pick whatever you like the most :)

       Her Archtype is Energy & Speed so that means we gonna stack these as challenge bonuses & Tier 5 Pet affix. Note that Energy doesnt help a thing about spirit reduction so putting Speed everywhere you will boost your dodge rating alot which will result in a great defensive solution for Storm's squishy (not anymore) nature.


       Some useful info:

  • @57.3% sheet attack speed (full Tempest) you get 3.2 on Electrocute.
  • @58.9% (full Tempest) you catch 2.5 atacks on Microburst but its a hard goal. Some +atack speed arti must be involved like Liz or Power cell.
  • 950~ Tempest is enought to maintain 100% uptime on the Tempest buff without sacrificing atllantis if you use Healing rain, 1150~ if Acid rain and 1350~ if Storm Vortex.
  • Power duration is still a key word in Storm's kit. Even if her signature no longer benefits from that, tornadoes are huge part from her total DPS - 29,1% to be exact. Not to mention Jinn & Cosmic might procs and what else not.
  • Sudden tornadoes doesn't have max count.


       The way of Syncing Surge CD:

       You need about 900~ Tempest (if Healing Rain) to be able to sync Storm Surge CD (or in other words to recast Typhoon just when your Tempest expires so Storm Surge CD resets). Depending on gear rolls that number may varie so find your sweet spot ... or just dont bother and keep 100% uptime :)

         Rotation is pretty smooth, just cast Typhoon first to fill the Tempest and then time Hail & LStorm with Billion Volt strike, Tornadoes you cast on CD ... all the other time hold Electrocute/Microburst or whatever you choose as a filler :)

My choice of talents is 2-2-3-3-3, and here's some explanation behind;
       Tier 1 - Flash and Thunder or Hurricanes and Butterflies -> Depends if we are using Electrocute or Microburst as a main filler. If you sync Surge CD use Hurr & Butts regardless of the filler of choice.
       Tier 2 -> Honestly it doesn't matter which talent you are going to pick here because of the Tier 5 choice we are going to make.
       Tier 3 -> This one is very situational ... my personal and universal choice is Healing rain mainly because of the -10 seconds CD on the signature. The other benefit we get is the healing buff and I can only say that It's AMAZING!
       Tier 4 -> I choose Billion Volt strike here. Its cooldown have a perfect synergy with Crashing hail & Lighting storm duration so just watch the CD to recast.
       Tier 5 -> Fury of the Storm is a powerful talent that combines all of the tempests together, and since we are having 100% uptime on the Tempest resource (if you choose that way of playstyle) we gonna have constant +10% dmg from Freezing tempest, +3% crit chance from Lighting tempest and +10% deflect chance from Gusting tempest. (Also that talent is the reason that it doesnt matter which Tier 2 talent you are going to pick).


       Slot 1: Fragment of Twilight is no brainer here or Heavily Modified Mercenary Assault Rifle if you dont have/want to put FoT. The problem of her own is the same as always - lowish stats and the bonus dmg rating provided is only affecting her lightning powers.

       Slot 2: Portal’s Darkhawk Armor is BiS, everything else is a placeholder!

       Slot 3: Coat of Skull only if regular Electrocute build. If you want to use her "Butterflies and Hurricanes" talent or Syncing Surge CD her own slot 3 is your choice!

       Slot 4: Currently Im using Chr/Cdr/Bdr cosmic boots with Cosmic Might affix. Batroc's Savate Boots, Go-go boots, Skrull uniform & Hydra repulsor boots are all great choices too.

       Slot 5: Essence of Jinn -> You cannot beat that, period! Descent placeholders are her own slot 5 & Xorn.



       Cosmic ring with whatever mix of cdr/bsr/stats is the best DPS choice. Energy/Ranged Sling Ring or ICP Energy/Ranged Ring if you feel the need of more HP and/or atack speed.


       Lots of viable insigs Storm can equip. The important part is to get chr/cdr or ranged/cdr ->  Wasp, Quicksilver, Weapon X, Phoenix, Cyclopse, Iceman, O'Graddy ... cdr+health/dodge/deflect if you feel squishy.


       Golden Bow of apollo is still outperforming CCR dps-wise but the difference is small. I still prefer Bow because the atack speed is easier to manage that way. Shield of Perseus is the best choice for some CDR scenarios or just if you wanna play rambo.


       I wont put the whole list of artifacts that are viable for Roro, will just mention a couple that gave me best results:
Gok, Edge of infinity, Crossbones credentials, Wrist-mounted Laser projection unit, Skrull Energy rifle focusing crystal, Tasky guide(if well rolled), ILAS, Advanced S.H.I.E.L.D. Motion Analyzer (currently its bugged for DOTs and channeled skills and you get the distance bonus even at melee range, but for the rest it works normally), Cyke shirt.

        - That one seems likea new Bis, best results with it involved so far.

       With the cosmic artifacts online we have a great opening to improve our builds, not just for Storm but for everyone!
Our main purpose is to get +1 to all stats & -10secs CD on signature. With these 2 in the bag we can focus on whatever we need - dodge/deflect if we need defence or +Tempest if we like to use Storm Vortex as Tier 3 talent.

          The medalion is either Doom or Doom. Good alternatives are Doom, Doom & Doom. Jokes aside, nothing comes even close to Doom

         For relics Atlantis is the best DPS choice, but Gibborim are perfect for those who want to use Storm Vortex with a high Tempest pool. Xandar or Lemurias are always nice choices too.


       Bowazon is the best uru you can have but descent choices are also God of mischief & Power Doop. If you are realy poor River of Souls & Fire barrage are calling for you. For those who wants to participate in PvP (wtf, there is a PvP in this game?) make sure you have Courage of Asgard ready (or just to show-off that you have a Zod rune).


       For offensive enchancements you can use Tyr runes, dmg or atack speed-recommended (if you need some extra for the breakpoint).


       Infinity points are something that Im constantly changing and testing so I wont post anything static :)


       For CMM & CHT you can swap Tier 3 talent to Storm Vortex (this one works great with Chain lightning, Microburst or simply Lightning bolt) or stay with Healing rain , it works fine both ways.

       CDR (Cosmic Danger Room): Healing Rain combined with Shield of Perseus will leave you unharmed - LITERALLY !!!


                                                                Friends & partnership:

       You can also check @Hulkstermania's guide here or in the MH forums, its a very effortless & balanced build that you cannot underlook!

       Many thanks to @Dravis for the theorycrafting help!


       And here some vids for those who gonna ask "Whats her ttk?"


 The vids are recorded @1380 Infinity points so nothing flashy here, most ppl should be able to achieve these times or close.


1:21 Microburst Surge CD sync



1:25 Electrocute Surge CD sync