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Builds - Iron Man - Iron Man, Repulsors, 2:06 ttk

Durability6 Strength6 Fighting4 Speed4 Energy6 Intelligence6 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Iron Man, Repulsors, 2:06 ttk by Lozareth Last updated 2017-04-05 21:47:24
Types: PVE, EndGame, All, Leveling, MM, Raid, Terminals, Cosmic, DPS, AoE, Energy, Ranged, Physical, Video, TTK, Danger Room
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Description Comments (12)

I'll get asked it repeatedly anyway but YES, Bow is better than M'kraan.  :P  And it's a huge 20 second difference in the ttk.


Rotation is to hold Repulsor Barrage and weave in Channeled Repulsors by tapping its hotkey once a second.  Spam all your cooldowns as fast as you can otherwise.  Personally I like to only apply Satellite Strike after using Unibeam since the latter has an 8 second cd and the former lasts 8.9 seconds for me.  But I don't think Satellite Strike has an animation cost so it shouldn't hurt to spam it.


Iron Man, 2:06Cosmic Dummy TTK