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Builds - Magneto - Scrapneto [1:40s ttk] & Mags the Impaler [1:31s ttk] (Ranged/Area builds)

Durability6 Strength2 Fighting4 Speed4 Energy6 Intelligence6 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Scrapneto [1:40s ttk] & Mags the Impaler [1:31s ttk] (Ranged/Area builds) by Frostacus Last updated 2017-07-11 23:33:42
Types: All, Cosmic
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All shall the feel the Cold Metallic Might of, Scrapneto!




Greatings and Welcome Magneto fans! With the changes magneto has recieved during the BUE i felt it was time to re-shine a Spotlight onto one of my Favs in the Marvel Universe. 

One of the biggest & best changes (Imo) is that his now primary Resource "Debris" actively comes towards magneto Without having to Hug the bosses anoymore!! 




Update Log:


[7/11] minor updates, Shield Motion Analyzer upgraded to cosmic version, w/ +2k health. Infinity total updated @ 1422 now.


1. Updated ttk & Infinity distribution for both builds to reflect recent Legendary proc changes in Patch 2.08.

2. Row 4 talent pick changed from 3 to 2 & now using Barrage as filler power for better results over basic.

2. Slight Gear changes to both builds = 1 Cosmic artifact affix changed from deflect rating to -15% debris cost in combat.

3. Alternative build's medallion changed, shown below in the alt build section.


1. Updated Gear for Scrapneto, Mainly 3 changes - Swapped Mags own slot 2 out for a Cosmic Slot 2 (exact stats shown below in gear section) & Swapped Wizard ID artifact for Cosmic HoD, Swapped Cerebra for Skrull Uniform slot 4. New Infinity Distribution & hero Synergy picks also for patch 2.07's changes.

2. Added new Section for Magneto's Impale build "Mags the Impaler" with Pics showing Talent's plus Powerbar setup. Gear, Infinity & Hero Synergy choices are identical to the main builds.

[3/14] Fixed some typo's, Updated hotbar & rotation powers to include Scrap Saw now that website is updated for mags.




Archetype: Int/Energy




  • Row 1: Run Through - This is picked for the heavy hit it can provide every 4s while you are over 400 debris via Impale and has proven to provide the best killing times in my experience while using it so far.

    Alternative Option: Dense Debris Field - Is another solid choice that instead of firing a single big hit like Run through does it will instead fire a constant stream of faster, smaller hits at targets within range, again while over 400 debris. Yet still provides decent damage with times around the Low 2mins area while using this option.


  • Row 2:  Scrap Saw - Picking this changes the "Magnetic Distortion" power into a brand new power introduced during the BUE called "Scrap Saw" , Which has 4x charges that restore quicker when you pick up debris orbs and fires a peice or scrap that boomerangs forwards then back to magneto peircing targets &  hitting 2 times total per charge for great total damage.

   Alternative Option: Super Compression - This one is another great pick & as it boosts his already Impression Impales even further as well as boosting Compressed Shrapnel while providing -% Debris cost & more importently +100% Crit chance to both powers & is a very good choice if your looking to focus more on Area attacks using Compressed Shrapnel as your primary Filler.


  • Row 3: Waste Not -  Gives 15% increased Debris Spendering power damage & an additional 10 debris when collecting debris orbs. The other options only provide resource utility which isn't needed with this setup.


  • Row 4: God Among InsectsMy personal goto pick, it allows your Signature Cooldown to be reduced down to 30s, & by combing this with the cosmic artifac affix "-10% Signature Cooldown Reduction" we can effectively get magneto's sig down to a 27s cd! Which is great as it deals excellent damage & provides 60% damage reduction while channeling.

   Alternatives Options - Both "Overwhelming Force" & "Shrapnel Barrage" can also work for this row. Plus they still can get numbers into the low 2mins+ range. If "Overwhelming Force" is selected then replace Blunt Instrument for Wrecking ball or if "Shrapnel Barrage" is chosen then no need to change the hotbar as your "Scrap Shot" will change automatically to Barrage.


  • Row 5 - Warpath -This is picked for it's great overall damage it provides, giving +15% dmg to debris gererators & a 10x stacking 1% dmg buff when you pick up a Debris Orb, which when Combined with "Waste Not" from Row 3 will give mags a total of +25% dmg to both Debris Spenders & Generators.






Legendary: (Updated for patch 2.08)


Lvl 70 =

Lvl 70 Alternatives - is a decent pick for grinding xp/infinity also.

Lvl 80 = 

Lvl 80 Alternatives - is another good option If your wanting slightly higher Health but around 8s slower ttk-wise. 

Also is another great choice for the increased TTL it provides.



  • Slot 1 - Best overall choice for not only the excellent amount of damage stats it provides, but also for the added utility of Life on Hit & Health.

   Alternatives -  , , or    , .

  • Slot 2 - Cosmic Slot 2 (with 4 Int/ CDR/BDR & the Dmg rating proc)


  Alternatives -   Currently provides not only the 2nd best offense (outside of Cosmics), but also comes with excellent defensive stats as well and is a solid alternative choice for this slot. Others like Could also potentially work too.

  • Slot 3 -   Provides a great amount of damage stats and has thus far been giving me the best results for this slot.

   Alternatives -

  • Slot 4 - Taken for the increased healthpool & the large amount of Brut Damage & brutal strike rating.

   Alternatives -  (very very close 2nd pick with times about equal to the Skrull Uniform), or you can use his own hero specific  if the others are unavailable, which still provide decent damage However they lack + to Health which is the downside.

  • Slot 5 - With it's +9 energy proc & huge amount of damage stats, this one takes the cake. However only obtainable through raiding via Drops/crafting.

   Alternatives - , , (an excellent pick for it's big defensive procs/enemy vanquish & still provides a good amount of damage stats).



Artifact Alternatives: (In no particular order)


Crit & Brut options -  , (Int) , (Energy or Cosmic) , (no Cosmic version)

(no cosmic version).

Crit Only Options - , , ,

Items with Health -  ,   , ,

the rest - , , , ,


Current Cosmic Artifact Affixes: Bolded priority picks.

  • +1 All Attributes
  • -10% Sig cooldown reduction
  • -15% Debris cost Reduction
  • + 2000 Health

   Other Alternatives are:

  • +1500 Deflect/Dodge or Defense
  • +150 Health Regen
  • +150 Spirit




Scrapneto Rotation:

generally starts like this...


1. (Hold) , -> - > -> -> 4x -> -> ->  ->  ->  -> Dual Fillers



The initial dots should fall off  just as his first Signature fades Then recast both dots to snapshot them with all procs/buffs up)    both act as a Filler spammer in-between Cooldowns.  Remembering to Recast Both ->    after each  & use.

Using on cooldown, and Preferably right after each cast to refill debris.





Mags the Impaler

Alternative Build setup

 This Build is a Powerhouse coming in at 1:31s ttk as of patch 2.08 & another very fun option to play in-game anywhere.

@Tzeentch has a nice Guide write-Up for this Impale build setup in the official MH forums

found HERE - https://forums.marvelheroes.com/discussion/311319/hero-guide-2017-magneto-the-impaler-a-debris-spending-build/p1


Gear Changes 


1. Infernal War Skrull Medallion swapped for Doctor Doom Medallion.

 All other gears/infinity used remains the same as in the Scrapneto setup at the Top.


Talent Picks

PowerBar Setup







Cosmic Raid Dummy (left side):

Scrapneto - 1:40s w/ coulson tm-up (Updated for Patch 2.08)




Impaler - 1:31s w/ Coulson tm-up (Updated for Patch 2.08)