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Builds - Gambit - Kinetics of Death (Hybrid Ranged build) [2:09s ttk]

Durability4 Strength3 Fighting6 Speed4 Energy6 Intelligence3 Level60 Damage Reduction0 Damage0
Kinetics of Death (Hybrid Ranged build) [2:09s ttk] by Frostacus Last updated 2017-04-16 04:17:30
Types: DPS, Energy, Physical, Hybrid
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Archetype = Fighting/Energy



Update Log:


[4/15] Infinity distribution Updated & ttk updated to reflect recent change in Golden Bow of Apollo's proc damage w/ patch 2.08. Slight cosmic artifact affix change - defense rating swapped to +150 spirit while in combat. Section on legendary picks added to gearing.

[4/4] Dmg vs boss/CDR Storm Insignia changed to a Crit/Crit Damage Havok Insignia, Infinity Distribution updated & hero synergy picks all updated for Patch 2.07, new ttk vid added to reflect changes.





Row 1: Ragin Cajun - A fallen remnant of it's former self, Only direct choice in the row that provides some form of damage. Yet sadly does not provide it's once great visual from the pre-BUE era.


Row 2: King of Hearts - All 3 picks in this row are so tiny/miniscule that it won't make much of a difference what you use, so feel free to take something else in this row.


Row 3: Jacks or Better - Selecting this causes Dead Man's Hand & Wild Card casts to explode every 5th card for an additional Area damage explosion.

 Alternative choice - Stack the Deck: Bounces back n forth between a +25% damage buff to either Ranged or Melee as you fully deplete your Kinetic Energy.

Row 4: Deuces Wild - Everything in this row was the most customizeable & was ballpark close to each other throughout my testing. so mainly this is selected for personal preference but all 3 can perform equally. For Dueces Wild your only ever going to want to lightly tap Ace of Spades just enough to quickly shoot it without charging the card to get the damage boost for Batter Up active.


Alternative choice 1 -Three of a Kind: Can pull equal times (1:58s) as "Deuces Wild" , If chosen Simply remove Ace of Spades from the bar and add Trick Card in it's place.

Alternative choice 2 -Shuffle Ip & Deal: If Shuffle Up & Deal is picked, then FYI both the regularly casted House of Cards & the House of Cards proc from / will NOT stack with each other at all.


Row 5: Ace of hearts - Best pick of the row imo since it functions automatically with your Signature, and no hassle of having to manually charge the super clunky Ace of Spades.







Some notes: The main focus of this build was primarily on -%Cost Reduction & +Spirit on Hit via items & Infinity points -  in order to stretch out his Kinetic Energy for as long as possible to minimize recharging downtime, as basically all of his powers will lose dps while his kinetic energy recharges.


Legendary picks:

Lvl 70 =

lvl 70 Alternative - also decent for the increased 20% XP towards leveling/Infinity grinding.

Lvl 80 = So far has been on equal footing with CCR now after the most recent change to the Bow's Procs in patch 2.08, still a decent pick & my go-to choice for the added attack speed it provides.

lvl 80 Alternative - Pro's= provides equal amount of dmg output as the bow with the added bonus of more Health/Kinetic energy return on enemy defeats, Con's = Slightly slower attacks due to less overall attack speed.



Catalyst: Genetic Mutation Preferably with these affixes, Bolded ones are a priority. (the catalyst at the top shows 94 spirit however that's wrong you want the 5 spirit on hit, which isn't an option on the website atm though.)

  • 5 Spirit on hit
  • Regenerate 25% Hp (3000) & Spirit (100) on Medkit use
  • +3 Energy or Fighting
  • Invis on Medket

 Cosmic Bonus: 2 Options here Depending on what you want/need be it dps or higher ttl...

  • After using a signature power, gain 1000 Damage Rating for 4s


  • Gain a damage shield for %50 of your maximum health on medkit use.

 Mutation Bonus:

  • Gain 1000 health per second for 10s, when your health drops below %40 (30s cd)


  • When you use your signature power, gain 1000 defense rating for 5s (20s cd)



 Insignia Choices:

, ,   or...


Current time was recorded using the Storm Insignia shown in build. However My preffered choice would be an Insignia of Iceman With either Ranged/Crit Damage or Crit/Crit Damage.   However Dmg vs Bosses/Crit Damage can also work as well. 

And too a lesser extent Brutal strike rating/Crit Damage might also work depending on what you have available.


Medallion Alternatives: Gambit has a nice selection of medals to pick from, but the main focus here was for Spirit return ones, hence why Skrull Medallion Of Bravery was used.


, (Spirit on hit) , , .


 Artifact Alternatives: some other options include...These all should have Cosmic versions unless otherwise noted in ( ) .

Crit & Brut Options: , , , (No cosmic version available) , (No cosmic version available).

Crit only options: , , (No cosmic version available).

Health Options: , ,.

Spirit on Hit options: (No cosmic version available),

Everything else: , , , , (No cosmic version available), (No cosmic version available).



Current Cosmic Artifact Affixes: Bolded ones priority

  • -15% spirit cost reduction
  • + 1 all attributes
  • -10% signature cooldown reduction
  • +150 spirit

   other optional affixes:

  • +2000 Health
  • 1500 defense rating
  • 150 health regen per sec
  • 1500 dodge or deflect ratings


Unique Alternatives: Depending on what you have available here are some additional options that could work...

 Slot 1: , , ,

Slot 2:

Slot 3: ,  

Slot 4: , ,

Slot 5: , ,


Ring Alternatives:

, , , or  ...




(Generally starts like this...)


1. -> -> (to proc cosmic catalyst bonus for snapshotting Dots)-> -> -> -> (Filler until batter up is almost off cd, then) -> (quick tap to activate BU buff)) -> -> -> -> - > (Filler).


[Some Notes]

1. Remembering to always recast every 4s & Recast & after each use.

2. You can Either "Hold" the filler down the entire time or Constantly click   to try and animation cancel it for quicker 5 stack explosions from "Jacks or Better".







2:09s - Using the Golden Bow of Apollo. (Updated for Patch 2.08)





2:09s - Using the Cosmic Control Rod (Updated for Patch 2.08)