Colossus's Synergies
Mental Critical Hit Rating+0%
Attack Speed+0%
Durability Attribute+0
Area Power Damage+0%
Bonus Credits per drop+0
Bonus XP+0%
Brutal Damage+0%
Brutal Strike Rating+0%
Crafting Discount0%
Critical Hit Rating+0%
Critical Damage+0%
Damage to Slowed Targets+0%
Damage vs. Bosses+0%
Damage vs. Normals/Elites+0%
Damage vs. Targeting You+0%
Defense Rating Multiplier+0%
Deflect Rating Multiplier+0%
Dmg. vs. Not Targeting You+0%
Dodge Rating Multiplier+0%
Damage Over Time+0%
Energy Power Damage+0%
Energy Critical Hit Rating+0%
Health on any hit+0
Health on enemy defeat+0
Melee Power Damage+0%
Mental Damage+0%
Movement Speed+0%
Physical Power Damage+0%
Physical Critical Hit Rating+0%
Ranged Power Damage+0%
Rare and Special Item Find+0%
Special item Find+0%
Spirit Cost for your Powers-0%
Spirit on any hit+0
Spirit on enemy defeat+0
Summon Power Damage+0%
Summoned Ally Health+0%
Movement Power Damage+0%
Spirit Cost for Mvmt. Powers-0%
Orb Pickup Radius+0%
Damage vs Bleeding+0%
Damage If Below 50% HP+0%
Cooldown Power Damage+0%
Health Regeneration / sec+0%
Damage vs. Machines+0%
Signature Power Damage+0%
Strength Attribute+0
Fighting Attribute+0
Bonus Dmg While Moving+0%
Intelligence Attribute+0
Speed Attribute+0
Energy Attribute+0
Hand-To-Hand Power Damage+0%
Explosive Power Damage+0%
Magic Power Damage+0%
Fire Power Damage+0%
Ice Power Damage+0%
Gun Power Damage+0%
Electric Power Damage+0%
Claw Power Damage+0%
Psychic Power Damage+0%
Total Defense Rating+0%
Angela 60 Ant-Man 60 Beast 60 Black Bolt 60 Black Cat 60 Black Panther 60 Black Widow 60 Blade 60 Cable 60 Captain America 60 Captain Marvel 60 Carnage 60 Colossus 60 Cyclops 60 Daredevil 60 Deadpool 60 Doctor Doom 60 Doctor Strange 60 Elektra 60 Emma Frost 60 Gambit 60 Ghost Rider 60 Green Goblin 60 Hawkeye 60 Hulk 60 Human Torch 60 Iceman 60 Invisible Woman 60 Iron Fist 60 Iron Man 60 Jean Grey 60 Juggernaut 60 Kitty Pryde 60 Loki 60 Luke Cage 60 Magik 60 Magneto 60 Moon Knight 60 Mr. Fantastic 60 Nick Fury 60 Nightcrawler 60 Nova 60 Psylocke 60 Punisher 60 Rocket Raccoon 60 Rogue 60 Scarlet Witch 60 She-Hulk 60 Silver Surfer 60 Spider-Man 60 Squirrel Girl 60 Star-Lord 60 Storm 60 Taskmaster 60 Thing 60 Thor 60 Ultron 60 Venom 60 Vision 60 War Machine 60 Winter Soldier 60 Wolverine 60 X-23 60
Total Hero Levels 3,780/3,780 Synergies Active:10/10